Home World Despite the drop in hospitalizations in São Paulo, the secretary points out that levels are still high – Prime Time Zone

Despite the drop in hospitalizations in São Paulo, the secretary points out that levels are still high – Prime Time Zone


Occupancy rate of ICU beds in the municipality, which is going through a phase of stability, is 82%; according to Edson Aparecido, the number of vaccines is much lower than necessary

JHONY INÁCIO / FUTURA PRESS / ESTADÃO CONTENT – 04/21/2021 The Municipal Secretary of Health, Edson Aparecido, gave an interview to Jornal da Manhã

The municipal health secretary of Sao Paulo, Edson Appeared, analyzed, this Sunday, the 25th, the drop in the indices related to the combat of the pandemic of the coronavirus in the state and municipality. The State of São Paulo had a decrease of 22% in the number of deaths from Covid-19 and recorded, for the first time in 48 days, an occupancy rate of beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) below 80%. On Saturday, 24, the index reached 78.2% in the metropolitan region of the capital, known as Greater São Paulo. In the State, the rate was 79%. Despite the falls, the secretary points out that the levels are still very high. “Since April 3, we have been at levels of stability in the city of São Paulo, with a slight drop in the last week. We have the city with an occupancy rate of ICU beds of 82%. For infirmary beds, the rate is 60%. Although it has stability followed by a small drop, it is a high level ”, said Aparecido in an interview with Morning newspaper, gives Young pan. Among the measures to maintain the numbers, the municipal government opened 200 new beds in the last week, in partnership with Uninove. The monitoring of respiratory symptoms has also increased throughout the municipality, with the testing of individuals.

In the city, vaccination against Covid-19 is in the 64-year old age group. Next Thursday, 29, 63-year-olds will begin to be vaccinated. Teachers and health professionals over 47 are also being immunized. On May 10, people with comorbidities, transplant recipients, kidney patients and people with Down syndrome will receive the first dose of the immunizer. “At the same time that advances in vaccination, every care to monitor the scenario, the moving average of cases and hospitalizations and deaths every seven days is necessary. And with the population’s adherence to restrictive measures, we can overcome this second wave ”, said Edson Aparecido. According to the secretary, there is no shortage of doses to vaccinate the groups determined by the immunization campaign, but the amount is much lower than necessary. “We have a structure, capillarity, conditions, supplies and professional equipment to carry out a mass vaccination. We don’t have the vaccine. We have a very limited amount ”, he points out.

Regarding the criticisms received for the opening considered premature, the secretary emphasized that São Paulo is going through a very particular situation of conurbation. “It would not do to take more radical measures of isolation in the city, because the process of living together with a person who lives in São Paulo, works at ABC and studies in another city is a continuous movement”, he exemplifies. “Anyway, I think that the reduction of these numbers in the last few days is important and allows us, in a very gradual way, to open up the trade.” This Saturday, the 24th, the reopening of restaurants, cultural activities and gyms was authorized. The authorization is part of the transition phase, created by the government to free up the operation of sectors of the economy by the end of April. “In previous months, these segments were very demanding and respectful of sanitary measures, they helped us a lot to contain excesses, including denouncing those who, within the same sector, did not obey these measures. We believe that the posture will again be serious and correct. The great concern still remains in those clandestine parties that spread throughout the city ”, argued Aparecido.