“Dialogue on Davit Garej will be accelerated” – what Gharibashvili and Aliyev talked about


“We touched upon practically all the issues that exist between the two countries,” Irakli Gharibashvili said after the meetings. “We also discussed the issue of Davit Gareji. We agreed that the dialogue would continue, accelerate and be resolved very soon, as befits our brotherhood and friendship. “

“Brotherly relationship”

The Prime Minister of Georgia, together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, paid an official visit to Baku on May 5. This is his second overseas visit since returning to head the government in February 2021.

In Baku, Gharibashvili first met with President Ilham Aliyev and recalled the words of his father, the former president of Azerbaijan, during a joint address: “Our neighborhood has lost its fate. The neighborhood of Georgian and Azerbaijani nations is our destiny. Thus, we are interconnected and interdependent. “

Ilham Aliyev said that Georgia and Azerbaijan have “centuries-old brotherly relations”. He stressed that Azerbaijan is the largest investor in the Georgian economy.

“Our brotherly relationship has lasted for centuries. “We consider this a good foundation for the development of our existing relationship, which is characterized by dynamism and covers many areas,” Aliyev said in a joint address, adding: “We thank the Georgian government for its continued support in the implementation of projects. All these initiatives have written success stories in our history. I am sure it will continue in the future as well. “I just looked at some data and learned that Azerbaijan is still one of the largest investors in the Georgian economy.”

According to official reports, the sides discussed issues of common interest of the two countries, the importance of peaceful resolution of conflicts in the region and cooperation in the fields of economy, energy and trade.

However, the main reason why Irakli Gharibashvili announced his visit to Baku upon his return as Prime Minister was the issue of the Davit Gareji monastery complex.

“Dialogue will continue, accelerate and will be resolved very soon”

In February, Gharibashvili said from a parliamentary rostrum that he would try to find common ground in negotiations with “wise ruler Mr. Aliyev” on delimitation-demarcation of the border.

The border between Georgia and Azerbaijan has been undefined since the collapse of the Soviet Union. Among them is a small part of the Davit Gareji monastery complex, which is a matter of concern in both Georgian and Azerbaijani society.

The work of the border demarcation commission has been suspended on the one hand due to the pandemic and on the other hand by the Georgian side in the process of reviewing new materials. New materials – 1: 200 000 scale maps compiled in 1937-38 – appeared in the process through Irakli Gharibashvili.

The materials were handed over to the Azerbaijani side several months ago. According to specialists, it takes time to study them.

“The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Azerbaijan understood our position. “New materials have been handed over to them,” Davit Zalkaliani said during a visit by the Azerbaijani Foreign Minister to Tbilisi in September last year.

Zalkaliani also discussed the issue of delimitation-demarcation of the border and the possibility of resuming the work of the commission in Baku with his Azerbaijani counterpart, Jeihun Bairamov.

According to the government administration, “the ministers expressed their readiness and willingness to convene the commission as soon as possible and expressed hope that the issue would be resolved within the commission in the spirit of the two countries’ strategic partnership and in the interests of both countries.”

According to the Prime Minister of Georgia, specific details will be known later. Gharibashvili also invited Ilham Aliyev to Tbilisi.