Dimas Covas believes that annual vaccination against Covid-19 is necessary as the virus circulates – Prime Time Zone


Regarding the so-called “vaccine sommeliers”, the director of Butantan stated that this shows a great lack of knowledge of how immunizing agents act

DEYVID EDSON/FUTURA PRESS/ESTADÃO CONTENT – 10/23/2020Director of Instituto Butantan also spoke about the possibility of an immunizing agent that protects against flu and coronavirus simultaneously

The director of Butantan Institute, Dimas Caves, believes that the beginning of a new vaccine cycle each year is needed as long as the virus circulates throughout the country. Last Monday, the Health Secretary of São Paulo, Jean Gorinchteyn, stated that on January 17, 2022 people will begin to be immunized again. On the other hand, the Ministry of Health stated that “there is no evidence of need” for vaccine annual against Covid-19. “We are seeing, again, the pandemic grow in Europe and on Asia. Everything indicates that this virus will remain in our environment for a while. While circulating, in my opinion, you need annual vaccination. It’s the same with the flu.” In an interview with Morning newspaper, and Jthis Pan, Covas stated that the vaccine has two functions: to prevent the circulation of the virus and to prevent against the variants. He added that the Butantan Institute is already working with the possibility of a single immunizing agent against the flu and against the coronavirus. About ButanVac, Dimas Covas says it is a “2.0 vaccine” as it is improved in many ways.

“It is produced on a platform available in large volumes around the world, just like the flu. And Butantan has the largest factory for flu vaccines in the Southern Hemisphere. This will allow the country to be completely independent, so that we can send doses to poor countries. It is easier to be produced, it is cheaper and it should be more efficient. By the end of the year, we hope to have it available and authorized for use.” ButanVac has the advantage of already incorporating defense against some variants, such as gamma, also called P1. “All vaccines are being updated. There is this need to enable a better immune response to control the pandemic more efficiently.” About the so-called “vaccine sommeliers”, Covas stated that this shows a great lack of knowledge of how immunizing agents work. “All [as vacinas] they are highly efficient against the disease and protect against death from the most severe forms. All of them. All were approved by the Anvisa, have gone through quality scrutiny that they are suitable to fight Covid-19. It’s a big act of ignorance, the person doesn’t know the role of the vaccine. We need to vaccinate 80% of the adult population with two doses, either the A or B vaccine.”