Doria calls the fire in the Cinematheque’s shed a ‘crime against the country’s culture’ – Prime Time Zone


Governor of São Paulo stated that the country suffers ‘the gradual death of the national culture’; in a note, the Special Secretariat for Culture regretted what happened

DANIEL CARVALHO/FRAME/ESTADÃO CONTENT – 05/28/2021Doria talked about a fire in the Cinemateca’s shed on the networks

The Governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), used social networks this Thursday, 29, to comment on the fire in a shed at the Cinemateca Nacional, in the Vila Leopoldina neighborhood, in the west side of the city of São Paulo. “The fire at the Cinemateca de São Paulo is a crime against the country’s culture. Contempt for art and the memory of Brazil leads to this: the gradual death of national culture”, he said. The Fire Department was called to control the fire around 18:00. According to the corporation, 15 vehicles are involved in the occurrence and at 9:40 pm the team was doing the aftermath of the space. Photos of damaged rolls of film on the floor were released by firefighters. There is no record of victims and so far there is no confirmation on which areas of the property were affected. Despite not being the main building of the Cinemateca, the shed houses film rolls, Programadora Brasil collection and museum teams.

In addition to Doria, other politicians in the city also used social media to criticize what happened. Guilherme Boulos, ex-candidate for mayor of the capital, called the case an “announced tragedy” and recalled the lawsuit filed by the Public Ministry against the Union highlighting the risk of fire in the area. Deputy Sâmia Bonfim also recalled the scrapping notices and said that the fire “is not an accident, it is a project”. In a statement, the Special Secretariat for Culture, responsible for managing the building, regretted what happened and said that it is closely following the fire. “It should be noted that the entire air conditioning system in the space underwent maintenance about a month ago as part of the federal government’s effort to maintain the institution’s collection. The Secretariat has already requested support from the Federal Police to investigate the causes of the fire and only after its full control by the Fire Department working at the site will it be able to determine the impact and actions necessary for an eventual recovery of the collection and also of the physical space . Finally, the federal government, through the Secretariat, reaffirms its commitment to space and the maintenance of its history”, says the document. Secretary Mário Frias is meeting an agenda with the Minister of Tourism, Gilson Machado Neto, in Rome and stated that the PF will take the necessary steps to find out if the fire was a criminal fire. “I’m committed to the collection kept there, that’s why I want to understand what happened”, he said.