Doria promises a response to the attack in Araçatuba: ‘Scenes of terror will not go unpunished’ – Prime Time Zone


Two suspected of taking part in the action were arrested and a third was killed in confrontation with the police; three people died and six were injured

MISTER SHADOW/ASI/ESTADÃO CONTENTGovernor João Doria promised to punish those responsible for the attack in Araçatuba

The governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB), promised this Monday, 30, to arrest those responsible for the terror experienced by the inhabitants of the city of Aracatuba, in the interior of São Paulo, this morning. A heavily armed gang promoted a shootout and took hostages to rob two banks in the central region of the municipality. Pedestrians were taken hostage and taken to strategic points where they remained as human shields. Military Police bases were attacked by criminals – who spread explosives throughout the city and even threw money in the streets. At least two suspected of participating in the action have already been detained. Doria reported that a third person died in confrontation with the police. “The horror scenes experienced by the population of Araçatuba will not go unpunished”, said the toucan.

“Two criminals were arrested and a third was killed in confrontation with the police. There is a large task force involving 380 police officers and 2 Eagle helicopters to arrest and punish those responsible,” said the governor. According to information from Department of Public Safety, the attack left three dead and six injured. The file does not clarify whether the number of deaths includes that of the criminal. In addition to Águia and the Civil Police, the Araçatuba Military Police participate in the action, with the support of teams from Bauru, São José do Rio Preto and Presidente Prudente. m team from GATE (Group of Special Tactical Actions) also participates in the occurrence. The Araçatuba State Criminal Investigation Department (DEIC), with the support of the 5th Police Precinct for Investigations into Bank Robbery and Theft, is also investigating the case.