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Wilton Junior / Estadão ContentsDr. Jairinho has been in prison since April 8

The Justice of the State of Rio accepted on Monday, 3, a complaint against the doctor and councilor of the Rio de Janeiro Jairo Souza Santos, the Dr. Jairinho (without party), 43 years old, for torture practiced in the years 2011 and 2012 against a 4 year old girl, daughter of a then girlfriend of his. The investigation that investigated the case was concluded last Friday, 30, and forwarded to the Public Ministry of the State of Rio (MP-RJ), which provided the complaint on the same day. This Monday, Judge Luciana Mocco Lima, from the 2nd Criminal Court of Bangu, accepted the complaint and Jairinho then became a defendant. The councilor will respond for violating article 1, item II, of law 9.455 / 97 and, if convicted, he can be punished with up to 10 years and 8 months in prison.

He has been in temporary detention since April 8 accused of assaulting his stepson to death Henry Borel, 4 years old, on March 8, at Barra da Tijuca (west zone of Rio). This Monday the Civil Police also concluded the investigation into this case, and Jairinho was indicted for intentional homicide (intentional) doubly qualified and two crimes of torture against the stepson. Due to the charges related to 2011 and 2012, Jairinho is prohibited from maintaining any type of contact with the victim and his relatives, in particular the relatives who appear as witnesses in the records and, in the event of being released, he is prohibited from approaching such persons, having to appear monthly in court to keep their address updated and to justify their activities. The councilor is also prohibited from leaving the municipality of Rio without prior notice to the court.

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The victim of the crime of torture for which Jairinho was denounced is the daughter of a hairdresser who met Jairinho in 2010 and maintained a relationship with him until 2013. In the meantime, they became engaged. The girl, who at the time was 3 to 5 years old and now 13, said that the councilman hit her head against the wall of a bathroom stall and stepped on her body at the bottom of a pool, trying to prevent her from emerging to breath. “At the time, this child was between 3 and 5 years old. This child suffered a series of violence and even torture ”, said delegate Felipe Curi, director of the General Department of Specialized Police (DGPE), at a press conference on Friday afternoon to report on the indictment.

“The child was terrified and panicked when he saw Jairinho’s car. His figure brought back memories of the aggressions. She kept holding on to her grandmother’s leg so as not to go to Dr. Jairinho. When they identified the child’s vomiting and panic, she was removed from living (with him). The child was practically raised by his grandmother for family reasons, ”said Chief Constable Adriano Marcelo Firmo França, head of DCAV. “Out of fear, the child’s mother ended up not reporting. With Henry’s case, she took courage and ended up denouncing it. This case has nothing to do with the Henry case, but it emerged in the midst of the investigation and serves to corroborate Dr. Jairinho’s profile of violence against the minor children of the people with whom he has a romantic relationship. This was confirmed in the investigation that was concluded and in the investigation that is underway ”, added delegate Felipe Curi.

The child’s mother is considered by the police to be the victim of domestic violence and will not be charged for failing to report his assaults to his daughter. Upon being arrested (for the investigation of Henry), Jairinho testified to the French delegate and denied the accusations. He said that he had a “friendly” relationship with the child, without a “degree of intimacy”, and denied having gone out with him alone or taken him anywhere that had a swimming pool. He also contested the assaults, but the investigation concluded that he lied. “The entire version presented by Dr. Jairinho was overturned by documentary evidence and testimony,” said França. “At certain times he (Jairinho) says he is not with certain children in certain places. However, photos show the opposite, ”said the delegate.

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