Dr. Joe Biden is a Surgeon General of Indian descent


Prime Time Zone, Webdesk: Since US President Joe Biden took over the reins of government, people of Indian descent have been appointed to top positions in the administration. Recently, another person of Indian descent, Dr. Vivek Murthy, was appointed Surgeon General of Biden. To this end, the US Senate passed a resolution.

Voting has begun in the US Senate to nominate Vivek Murthy as President’s Surgeon General. In this vote, 57 people voted in favor of Vivek. 47 opposed. Orders were issued appointing him as a surgeon for Biden. Biden is known to have slipped three times while boarding a plane recently. It is noteworthy that Vivek Murthy was appointed just days after the incident.

Vivek Murthy Profile: Vivek Murthy is an Indo-American whose full name is Vivek Hallegere Murthy. Parents are Dr. Lakshminarasimha Murthy, Maitreyi. Lakshminarasimha Murthy hails from Mysore in the state of Karnataka. He left India and settled in America. Vivek’s grandfather Lakshminarayana Murthy was a director of the Mysore Sugar Company. Born in Yorkshire (UK) in 1977, Vivek Murthy studied at leading universities such as Harvard and Yale. He also served as Surgeon General to former US President Barack Obama. Most recently Biden-led Kovid-19 continues as co-chairman of the advisory board.

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Prime Time Zone Career Dr. Joe Biden is a Surgeon General of Indian descent

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