Drug prices rise 14.69% in the 1st half of 2021, according to a survey – Prime Time Zone


Rising prices for inputs have been a difficult factor for many hospitals in the country, leading to the damming of surgical procedures

Pixabay/Creative Commons

Hospital medications are more expensive. O Drug Price Index for Hospitals (IPM-H) rose 14.69% in the first half of 2021. The survey is by Fipe in partnership with Bionexo, a digital solutions company for management in health. This was the second highest increase since 2015, being even much higher than the inflation registered official, the IPCA, which closed the semester with an increase of 3.77%. The calculation of the IPM-H is done with medicines divided into 13 therapeutic groups and those that were discharged the most include medicines used in severe cases of Covid-19, like propofol and midazolam, for example. In general, the pandemic it has affected the hospital medicine market, whether due to the high demand from the health systems or the general shortage, as well as the exchange rate effects, as explained by the CEO of Bionexo, Rafael Barbosa. “This value is higher than what was observed throughout the entire year of 2020. So this reflects the very high demand we had in the first half for medicines, especially medicines related to the Covid-19 treatment, and this reflected in the prices that hospitals faced it”, he points out. O price increase of supplies has been a difficult factor for many hospitals across the country, even causing the damming of surgical procedures.

*With information from reporter Carolina Abelin