Eduardo Paes defends the effectiveness of CoronaVac and says: ‘A good vaccine is the one that goes in the arm’ – Prime Time Zone


Em publicação no Twitter, o prefeito do Rio de Janeiro relembrou a morte do pai após complicações da doença e disse que o ataque de Jair Bolsonaro ao imunizante se tratava de ‘desinformação’

ANDRE MELO ANDRADE/IMMAGINI/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO – 03/11/2021Eduardo Paes countered President Jair Bolsonaro and exalted CoronaVac

Mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Eduardo Paes (PSD) used their social networks this Sunday morning, 4, to rebut a video in which the President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (no party), says that vaccination against the new coronavirus “did not work”. In a publication on Twitter, Paes wrote that his mother survived Covid-19 by having been immunized with two doses of Coronavac and that the attack by the Chief Executive on the immunizing agent was “disinformation”. In the text, he even thanked the Butantan Institute and to the governor of São Paulo, João Doria (PSDB).

“Take any vaccine. A good vaccine is the one that goes in the arm! Faced with misinformation, I feel obliged to give my personal statement: my mother took the two doses of CoronaVac and passed through Covid unscathed. My dad had just taken the first one of another vaccine. Thank you @butantanoficial and @jdoriaj”, said the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, who saw his father, lawyer Valmar Souza Paes, die on the 25th, at the age of 78, a victim of complications from the disease. In another post, he also criticized vaccine “someliers”. “And wanting to act like a vaccine sommelier and not take your dose on the right day leaving the recap day, thinking you’ll be able to choose a vaccine. Health units end up full. Go on your day!”, he commented. The City of Rio de Janeiro this week will vaccinate the inhabitants of 42 to 40 years of age, in a staggered manner. In the following week, the immunization against covid-19 is planned for people between 39 and 37 years old.