Monday, April 19, 2021

EMA official confirms link between Astrazeneca and thrombosis


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Daniel Leal-Olivas / EPA

Marco Cavaleri, responsible for vaccine strategy at the European Medicines Agency (EMA), confirmed that there is a link between the Astrazeneca vaccine and the cases of thrombosis.

Speaking to the Italian newspaper The messenger, the head of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) admitted that “it is clear that there is a link [dos casos de trombose] with the vaccine ”from Astrazeneca. “Now we can say,” said Marco Cavaleri.

Yet, the cause of this reaction is not yet known. “We don `t know yet. In the next few hours we will say that there is a connection, but we still have to understand how it happens ”, he explained.

Experts from the European Medicines Agency met this week to finalize their assessment of rare cases of blood clotting and its possible link to the AstraZeneca covid-19 vaccine, whose use in children under 60 is halted in some European countries.

The Pharmacovigilance Risk Assessment Committee (PRAC), responsible for monitoring and evaluating the safety of medicines for human use authorized by the EMA, has meetings scheduled from Tuesday to Friday.

At the last meeting, last Wednesday, the PRAC did not rule out the relationship cause-effect, but also found no clear evidence of a link between AstraZeneca and the development of blood clots with low platelet counts.

With this, the EMA continued to consider that the benefits of this vaccine against covid-19 continue to overcome any risk side effects.

Several European countries, such as Denmark, Estonia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Latvia, Norway and Austria, have suspended the use of the Astrazeneca vaccine after reports of clots and thrombosis in people who have been vaccinated with this product.

In early March, Austria announced the precautionary withdrawal of a batch of the AstraZeneca vaccine following the death of a nurse at the Zwettl hospital. A second patient was diagnosed with pulmonary embolism and, until Tuesday, two more conditions of coagulation have been identified in patients who received a dose from the same batch.

Portugal it also came to suspend the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine against covid-19 for reasons of “precaution” and “public health”.

Even when several countries decided to stop using this vaccine, the World Health Organization (WHO) continued to recommend it. The EMA also ensured that the AstraZeneca vaccine against covid-19 “is safe and effective” and is not associated with the cases of detected blood clots, which led to the suspension of its use.

Although several countries have returned to administering the vaccine after the EMA’s opinion, Denmark and Norway have prolonged the suspension of its use. At the same time, Canada and some German hospitals have suspended this inoculation in children under 55 years of age.

In Portugal, the hypothesis of a new suspension of Astrazeneca was removed by the coordinator of the vaccination task force.

Last week, it was reported that seven people died in the UK blood clots after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine.

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