Emergency aid will be from R $ 175 to R $ 375, says Guedes – Prime Time Zone


Values ​​will be distributed according to the beneficiaries’ family configuration; PEC that discusses opening of aid in the Budget must be approved by the Chamber of Deputies this Wednesday

Edu Andrade / Estadão ContentsEconomy Minister Paulo Guedes stated that the benefit will have a base of R $ 250, but can vary from R $ 175 to R $ 375

Minister of Economics, Paulo Guedes confirmed on Monday, 8, that the emergency aid will vary in installments from R $ 175 to R $ 375, depending on the beneficiaries’ family configuration. “That [R$ 250] it is an average value, because if it is a single parent family run by a woman, then it is already R $ 375. If it is a single parent, if it is a man alone, then it is already R $ 175. If it is a couple, both, then it’s R $ 250, ”said the head of the economic team in a conversation with journalists outside the Planalto Palace to announce the federal government’s acquisition of the Pfizer vaccine. According to Guedes, the design of the new edition of the benefit will be made by the Ministry of Citizenship, with information sent by the Economy folder. “This is up to the Ministry of Citizenship, we only provide the basic parameters, but the decision on the extent is up to the Ministry of Citizenship.”

A Proposed Emergency Constitution Amendment (PEC), which opens space in the Budget for the reissue of the benefit, should be debated in the Chamber of Deputies this Tuesday, 9, with voting scheduled for Wednesday, 10. The text was approved by the Senate last week with the amendment of the rapporteur, senator Márcio Bittar (MDB-AC), who limits the aid to R $ 44 billion. According to the project’s rapporteur in the Chamber, deputy Daniel Freitas (PSL-SC), the text should not be changed. The federal government is waiting for the PEC to also be approved by the deputies before publishing the provisional measure that authorizes the resumption of the aid. The first installment is expected to be distributed later this month, with payments expected by June.