Emergency benefit for workers with reduced working hours starts to be paid this Friday – Prime Time Zone


Benefit is calculated based on salary information for the past three months and unemployment insurance amount

Marcos Santos / USP ImagesBEM payment starts 30 days after the closing date of the salary reduction agreement or suspension of the contract

This Friday, the 28th, the payment of the Emergency Employment and Income Maintenance Benefit 2021. Re-launched by the federal government, BEm is granted to workers with a formal contract who have reduced working hours or suspended their employment contract in the Covid-19. The benefit is calculated based on the salary information for the last three months and the value of the unemployment insurance what he would be entitled to if he got fired. The installments can vary between R $ 261.25 to R $ 1,813.03. The BEM payment begins 30 days after the closing date of the wage reduction agreement or suspension of the employment contract.

If the settlement is not registered by the employer within the stipulated period, the first installment will be paid within 30 days from the date the information was actually passed on to the Ministry of Economy. In this case, the previous days will not be considered. In all, the worker is entitled to up to four installments. They can receive Box workers who indicate a bank account. For those who do not, a digital social savings account will be opened, automatically and free of charge, without the need to present documents or attend the agencies. Fur Bank of Brazil receive those who indicate checking or savings account. It is good to remember that BEm does not affect the right, nor does it change the share of unemployment insurance in the event of dismissal.

* With information from reporter Caterina Achutti