Erdogan warns the Taliban and calls for an end to the violence


As US troops leave Afghanistan, the situation in Afghanistan is getting worse by the day. Another ultimatum was issued by the Taliban to Turkey last week. The Taliban is urging Turkey to “end the occupation of Afghanistan” and refuse to strengthen Kabul airport and involve it in the management process.

At the moment, there is an agreement that Kabul Airport should remain under the protection and control of the Turkish military after the withdrawal of American troops, and this airport will be used by representatives of the diplomatic corps. The Taliban is against it. The ultimatum predicts impending attack and clashes.

Turkey does not share the ultimatum. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a statement calling on the Taliban to stop the violence.

“They [თალიბანმა] Must end the occupation of their brothers’ land. “They have to show the world that there is peace in Afghanistan … Muslims do not talk to each other in this way … Unfortunately, the Taliban statement says, ‘We do not want Turkey,'” the Turkish president said.

Erdogan did not talk today about what Turkey would do if the Taliban launched an attack.

Negotiations on logistics and financial issues of Kabul Airport are underway at the moment. According to the agreement, the territory will be controlled by the Turkish military after the withdrawal of American troops. According to the decision of the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, there will be 600 American soldiers left in Kabul, who will be fully responsible for the protection of the embassy.