Fábio Faria and Salim Mattar reject the application for Prime Time Zone at the CPI – Prime Time Zone


Minister and businessman used social media to take a stand against the request made by senator Renan Calheiros

Carolina Antunes /PRMinister of Communications spoke out against the application

The Minister of Communications, Fabio Faria, used social networks to repudiate the bank secrecy requirement of the Pan Youth Radio made by the senator Renan Calheiros on CPI to Covid-19. In his Twitter profile, the minister said that “it is a mistake to target press vehicles” and defended the plurality of political views. “We need a diversity of ideologies and political positions, without restriction, to guarantee freedom of expression and a democratic society,” said Fábio Faria. Another figure who took a stand in favor of Prime Time Zone was the businessman and former secretary Salim Mattar, who called the senator’s request an “affront to freedom of the press and expression”. “We, the taxpayers, cannot tolerate acts like this that are unacceptable in a democracy,” Mattar said on his Twitter profile. In addition to Fábio Faria and Salim Mattar, Brazilian Association of Radio and Television (Abratel) and the Gaucho Association of Radio and Television Broadcasters (Agert) also repudiated the request made by the senator.