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Feirão Limpa Name of Serasa ends this Wednesday; know how to participate – Prime Time Zone


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Project aims to help Brazilians reach up to 99% off their debts

Pixabay/Creative CommonsFeirão Limpa Nome will help Brazilians reach up to 99% off their debts

No Brazil there are approximately 213 million active debts and 62 million defaulters with debts of approximately R $ 3,900 each. This number had a jump at the end of 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but how to resolve to make 2021 a better year and with less worries? THE Serasa created the initiative of the ‘Feirão Limpa Nome’ and extended it until this Wednesday, 31, so that Brazilians can reach up to 99% discount on the total amount of their debts. Because of the pandemic, the entire procedure is being done online on the Serasa platform, which has a partnership with the main stores and businesses in the country.
In addition to the online platform, Serasa also serves via application, WhatsApp number (11) 99575-2096 and telephone 0800 591 1222. For those who do not have access to the internet, the renegotiation can be done in 7 thousand branches of the post offices.

The procedure is quite simple. Check out the step by step below:

  1. The user needs to inform his personal data: full name, CPF, RG and others;
  2. Log in to the platform
  3. Check if the negative / delayed accounts and debts that appear in the system are correct;
  4. Choose the best payment format;
  5. Make the payment of the generated billet *

* Offers are available for a period of 24 hours

Ask questions about the service of Feirão Limpa Nome, by Serasa

Still have any questions about how to participate in ‘Feirão Limpa Nome’? We have separated the most frequent doubts in the process for you to be well informed. Remembering that Serasa’s service can also answer questions. Check it out below:

  • How long does my CPF restriction expire?

After the renegotiation of debts and the payment of the bill generated by Serasa, the term for the debt to leave the taxpayer’s CPF is 5 working days. If the period has passed and the debt remains active, look for the company you negotiated.

  • I do not agree with the payment terms presented. What do I do?

Serasa acts as a creditor and bridge between the company and the debtor client. Therefore, the payment terms available are offered by the companies to which you have debts. If you are not satisfied, contact the company for a negotiation.

  • What debts can be traded at Feirão Limpa Nome?

Only the debts of the partner companies of Serasa Limpa Nome will be negotiated. Therefore, it is essential to check the entire list of companies participating in the action that is available on the website. Among those selected, it is possible to negotiate negative debts or late (non-negative) accounts. It is not possible to negotiate protests, bad checks and bankruptcies.

  • I didn’t find the company. And now?

In such cases, Serasa recommends that customers contact creditors directly for debt renegotiation.


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