Fifth police officer suspected of involvement in the assassination of the president of Haiti is arrested – Prime Time Zone


The country’s National Police heard all 24 officials guarding the president’s home on the dawn of the murder; outlaw searches continue

EFE / ARCHIVE / JEAN MARC HERVE ABELARDJovenel Moise was murdered on the 7th of July

The National Police of Haiti announced this Friday, 16, that it has “isolated” another agent of the country’s security force on suspicion of involvement in the assassination of the president Jovenel Moise. The agency’s general director, León Charles, said 24 police officers had been assigned to protect the president’s official home on the dawn of his death. They all received some kind of punishment. “All were heard. Five police officers are in isolation,” said Charles. The country’s representatives avoided using the term “detention” or “arrest” throughout the press conference held on Friday. In addition to the police, 18 Colombians who would be part of the command accused of committing the attack against Moise and five Haitians residing in the United States were trapped so far. The alleged intellectual mastermind of the crime, physician Christian Emmanuel Sanon, is among those arrested.

Three other Colombians were murdered in alleged firefights with the police and five are at large. National forces also have four search and arrest warrants issued against Haitians who may have been involved in mentoring the attack. On Thursday, 15, the Colombian newspaper El Tiempo said that FBI sources are investigating the suspected involvement of the country’s prime minister, Claude Joseph, in the death of Moise. The speculation, however, was not commented on by the country’s leaders. Martine Moise, a former first lady who was also shot, is recovering from her injuries at a Miami hospital.