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Expert gives tips on how to organize finances and save for tax payments

reproductionFor the rest of 2021, which still promises to be financially difficult, the expert’s tip is to be aware of the accumulation of credit card payments

The year is new, but the problems are always the same: in the first months of 2021, most families are concerned with spending on IPTU, IPVA, school supplies, among others. And at the home of Professor Sandra Estevam, 53, it is no different. For her, the way to avoid scares is to plan ahead. “I already set aside an amount more or less than I think the amount of these taxes will be and I keep waiting for the month of January to arrive to make this payment. And then I already paid in full in order not to have debts during the year, because we will already have other things that are emerging. ” Like Sandra, the 22-year-old Isabela Reis, a business administrator, also prefers to collect the money beforehand for this type of expenditure; especially if, with cash payment, you get discounts. “But then, only if you have a cash discount. If I don’t have it, I don’t pay because I don’t see a reason to pay at once. If I have a discounted advantage, I have no doubt that I will pay cash. ”

For this year, the São Paulo City Council, for example, froze the readjustment of IPTU; Thus, the slips that will arrive at São Paulo properties in 2021 should come with the same value as the booklet of 2020. IPVA, the expectation, according to the state government of Sao Paulo, is that the tax gets cheaper this year. Even with suspended adjustments and lower amounts, however, many people find it difficult to organize finances and pay taxes. The president of the Brazilian Association of Financial Educators, Reinaldo Domingos, explains that the ideal is really to have a reserve of money, but, when it was not possible, it is necessary to save to pay in installments.

“The way is to bring the family together, without a doubt, to look for where we can save at this moment. To make this money from these expenses less to allocate them to these resources at the beginning of the year. We have excess spending on all types of consumption inside a house, electricity, water, telephone, food. All this expenditure, we have an excess of 20%, 30% and even 50% ”, he indicates. For the rest of 2021, which still promises to be financially difficult, the expert’s tip is to pay attention to the accumulation of credit card payments. Reinaldo Domingos also recommends that families put expenses on paper.

* With information from reporter Beatriz Manfredini