Fiocruz defends a 12-week interval for the Oxford vaccine: ‘Shows significant protection’ – Prime Time Zone


In a statement, the Foundation also stated that studies point to the effectiveness of the immunizing agent against the variants that are in circulation in the country

JOSÉ MARCOS/ENQUADRAR/ESTADÃO CONTEÚDO – 03/06/2021Nurse putting dose of AstraZeneca/Oxford vaccine in syringe

A Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) defended the 12-week interval between the application of the first and second dose of the vaccine AstraZeneca/Oxford against a Covid-19. The immunizing agent is being produced at BioManguinhos. In a statement released on Tuesday, 13, the Foundation ensured that the break is recommended by developers and guarantees “significant protection”. “The Foundation clarifies that the 12-week interval between the two doses recommended by Fiocruz and AstraZeneca considers data that demonstrate significant protection already with the first dose and the production of a more robust immune response when the longer interval is applied”, says the communicated. In addition, Fiocruz stated that the immunizing agent “has been shown to be effective in protecting against variants circulating in the country with the first dose.” “A survey by the British government health agency, published in June, shows that the AstraZeneca vaccine was 71% effective after the first dose and 92% after the second for hospitalizations and severe cases,” concludes the Foundation.