Fire hits the building of the Rio Grande do Sul Public Security Department – ​​Prime Time Zone


Fire Department was activated to control the flames; Secretariat informed that building was fully evacuated and there are no casualties or injuries

Reproduction/ Twitter @LeonelRaddeCouncilor Leonel Radde shared videos of the fire in the public building

On this Wednesday night, the 14th, a fire of large proportions reached the headquarters of the Secretariat of Public Security of the Rio Grande do Sul, on Avenida Voluntários da Pátria, in the large Porto Alegre. The Military Fire Department was activated to control the flames. The Secretariat informed that preliminary information indicates that the fire started on the fourth floor. The building has been fully evacuated and there are no casualties or injuries. The deputy governor and secretary of Public Security, Delegate Ranolfo Vieira Júnior, is coordinating the actions at the site. The state governor, Eduardo Leite (PSDB), lamented the fire on their social networks and commented that they will return from their trip to follow the efforts of the Fire Department teams.

“I regret the material tragedy, which will not diminish the momentum to fight crime,” wrote the governor. “Naturally, the expertise will be carried out in order to determine the causes of the fire. Our government team works to provide quick referrals to avoid a solution for continuity in the activities of the security and penitentiary administration secretariats”, he added. the councilor Leonel Radde (PT), who is also a Civil Police, posted videos on the internet of part of the building’s façade collapsing.