Fires continue to rage in Greece, with PM apologizing for misguided disaster management strategy


More than 600 firefighters are still battling large-scale fires on the Greek island of Evia. The fire destroyed pine forests and island infrastructure. It was also necessary to evacuate thousands of people.

On the country’s second largest island, fires were rampant for several days, resulting in the death of a volunteer firefighter and one official.

Firefighters and firefighting helicopters were launched by the United States and several European countries to help Greece.

Greece is also helped by the European Union. They sent 1,000 firefighters and 9 planes to fight the fires. The economic bloc is also providing assistance to other countries affected by the disaster. Including Turkey and Italy.

Fires caused by record high temperatures, along with Greece, affected Turkey, Italy, Spain, northern Macedonia, Albania and Lebanon.

Despite full mobilization, localized fires in Greece are still not possible. The country’s prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis, even apologized for the government not having an appropriate strategy to deal with the fires.

The prime minister cited “unprecedented heat” as a major factor in the situation in Greece, saying more than 500 fires had broken out across the country.