First digital version of Enem’s history has total abstention of 71.3% – Prime Time Zone


The second and last day of the race was also marked by a power outage, a question about vaccination and cancellation due to structural problems in cities in Rondônia

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The digital version of National High School Exam (Enem) had a total abstention of 71.3% among the 96 thousand registered candidates. THE National Institute for Educational Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) announced on Sunday night, 7, that 26,709 candidates were present to take the test and 66,370 did not attend. The number does not include subscribers from all cities in the Amazon, where the race was postponed due to new coronavirus pandemic, nor those of the cities of Espigão D’Oeste and Rolim de Moura, in Rondônia, which had structural problems. The technological direction of Inep also reported a power outage that resulted in the extension of the duration of the test in some locations. In addition, the participants taking the exam at the Estácio de Sá / Queimados University, in the Rio de Janeiro, they will have to do the test again.

This Sunday, 7, during the second and last day of the Enem digital exam, students were faced with a much talked about theme in recent months, the vaccination. Without mentioning the new coronavirus pandemic, the Biology test required, in one of the questions, knowledge about immunizers and their production technologies – a theme that was absent from the printed Enem, applied on January 17th and 24th. The Mathematics test drew attention for its simple calculations and questions for the financial area. “We had a series of questions on this topic. It was the main topic of the race, which was very well done and marked by interdisciplinarity ”, said Vera Lúcia da Costa Antunes, Objetivo’s coordinator. The manager of Educational Intelligence and Polyhedron Assessments, Fernando do Espírito Santo, added that the theoretical concepts prevailed in Mathematics issues, which did not demand many accounts.

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