Flight corridor opened between mysterious area 51 and the Pacific


USAF (Senior Airman Matthew Lancaster) / Wikimedia

At the end of last week, a curious alert appeared in the United States Aviation Administration’s Aviator Notices (NOTAMs) database.

NOTAMs, among other things, alert airmen to fragments of airspace that are temporarily off limits. At the end of last week, the details pointed to the comings and goings of an aircraft flying at high altitude between the 51 area, also known as Lake Groom, or the Tonopah Test Airport, two of the best-kept flight test facilities in the United States, and the Pacific Ocean.

According The War Zone, NOTAM, which was pointed out for the first time by users of the Dreamlandresort, was launched on March 12, but was only active between 5:45 pm and 8:15 pm, local time the next day.

The notice outlined a path 20 nautical miles wide and 426 miles long at an altitude between Flight Level 450 and Flight Level 600, or 45,000 to 60,000 feet (13,716 and 18,288 kilometers).

The route consists of a 104 nautical mile stretch between the Pacific Ocean and the waters southwest of San Francisco. The next step 86 kilometers south to an area west of Monterey, California, before turning inland on a relatively sparsely populated route through California and western Nevada.

The flight path ends at the edge of a portion of restricted military airspace in Nevada, known as R-4807A, which is part of the United States Air Force’s extensive Nevada test and training camp.

North of the R-4807A is the R-4809, where the Tonopah Test Range (TTR) and its associated airport. To the south is the R-4808N, inside which is the R-4808A, also known as “The Box”.

This is the highly restricted airspace around Area 51.

The constraint was called stationary ALTRV, which means Altitude Reservation Approval Request, which seems to have provided a corridor between the Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) and the Pacific Ocean for an aircraft flying at high altitude.

This aircraft would not have to communicate during the flight through ALTRV. “There are many operators who never speak on the radio, just call the phone to activate airspace and call when they are finished. Airspace is protected. The aircraft does not need to speak or shout while it is outside, ”explained a source familiar with standard air traffic control procedures.

According to the portal, the route is interesting because it is very similar to those outlined in previous NOTAMs a few times in recent years, all transiting between the NTTR and areas off the coast of California.

In addition, an aircraft tracker had already revealed to the The War Zone that traffic around Monterey was a way for secret aircraft to move from desert areas in the west to the Pacific.

It could also be a way of withdraw a stowaway aircraft as efficiently as possible and get it back in a similar way for long-term missions that go far beyond the eastern Pacific.

An aircraft using the corridor in question does not need to be manned. In fact, this route could exist because it is an unmanned clandestine resource that needs to move to the sea as easily as possible.

Airplane watchers who monitor radio conversations around the NTTR for clues about movements to or from places like Area 51 did not hear anything that seemed relevant to movement along that route at that time on the air traffic control channels. .

It is possible that the aircraft’s mission has been erased or it may be a feature of such a mission, since, in similar situations, no strange words were heard from any radio traffic.

The so-called Area 51 is a military site located in the middle of the Nevada desert, which has been involved for years, due to the secrecy that surrounds it, in a halo of mystery which has motivated numerous extravagant theories. One of the most widespread is that the US government uses this land to hide evidence of extraterrestrial life.

In fact, the US Government never acknowledged the existence of this military facility until August 2013, when the CIA declassified a series of documents that confirmed the existence this military base.

That theory holds, among other things, that it was there that the remains of an alleged extraterrestrial spacecraft, which had crashed at Roswell, in the state of New Mexico, in July 1947, were transferred.

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