For Lula’s defense, a decision that benefits PT’s “restores legal security” in Brazil – Prime Time Zone


Lawyers released a note stating that the majority decision in the Court was ‘historic’ and claiming that they have always maintained Curitiba’s incompetence to judge the case

DANILO M YOSHIOKA / FUTURA PRESS / ESTADÃO CONTENTLula’s defense pronounced after STF decision

A few hours after the decision of the Supreme Federal Court that annuls Lava Jato’s convictions against the ex-president Lula, PT’s defense released a note classifying the Court’s determination as “historic” in the face of acts they perceive as unjust. “The incompetence of the Federal Justice of Curitiba is affirmed by us, lawyers of the ex-president, since the first written manifestation filed in Curitiba in 2016 and was sustained in all instances of the Judiciary until reaching the Supreme Federal Court. This is yet another Supreme Court decision that restores the judicial security and credibility of our country’s Justice System ”, points out a document, dated this Thursday, 15th.

Lula officially resumed political rights after the STF maintained Minister Edson Fachin’s monocratic decision by 8 votes in favor and 3 against. Ministers Fachin, Alexandre de Moraes, Rosa Weber, Dias Toffoli, Gilmar Mendes, Ricardo Lewandowski, Cármen Lúcia and Luís Roberto Barroso voted for the annulment of the cases. Ministers Kássio Nunes Marques, Marco Aurélio Mello and Luiz Fux were against it. A few minutes after the decision, President Jair Bolsonaro took advantage of live streaming to compare Brazil with a cowboy movie in which some cheer for the bandit.