For the first time, Doria is in favor of impeachment of Bolsonaro – Prime Time Zone


Governor defends that PSDB position itself as opposition to the president; Bruno Araújo called a meeting of the party’s national executive for Wednesday, 8th.

DANIEL CARVALHO/FRAME/ESTADÃO CONTENT – 05/28/2021The governor of São Paulo spoke for the first time in favor of the impeachment of Jair Bolsonaro

The governor João Doria (PSDB) stood for the first time in favor of the president’s impeachment Jair Bolsonaro (no party). In a press conference of the Monetary Policy Committee (Copom), this Tuesday, 7th, the toucan informed that the national president of the party, Bruno Araújo, called a meeting of the national executive of the PSDB to discuss the consequences of the acts of this 7th of September. “I am not part of the national executive of the PSDB, so it is not my place to participate in this meeting. But I have already expressed myself and reproduced here my position: ‘The PSDB, the party for which I was elected as the governor of São Paulo, the most immensely inhabited state and the greatest economic force in the country, should take a stand for the impeachment of President Jair Bolsonaro. The PSDB must preserve it as an opposition party to the president”, defended the governor.

“I, until today, had never made any pro-impeachment position. I remained neutral, understanding that, until now, acts should be judged and evaluated by Congress. But the president clearly affronts the Constitution, challenges democracy and blocks the Brazilian Supreme Court. The volume of crimes already committed by the President of the Republic in today’s demonstration is more than enough to justify, if not a new request, the more than 130 requests that lie dormant on the table of the president of the Federal Chamber”, justified Doria. “My position is clear and supported by law and the Constitution: the president needs to be impeached for mistakes, errors and the affront to democracy,” he concluded.