Foreign Investors Will Enter Georgia If They Feel Rule of Law – Kurt Walker


The American Development Finance Corporation plans to set up a regional hub in Georgia, says Kurt Walker in an interview with VOA. The former US ambassador to NATO thinks that if the project is implemented, it will be important for the Georgian economy.

“The American Development Finance Corporation wants to set up a regional hub in Tbilisi. The project covers the whole region, but the center will be Tbilisi. It is a very important and big initiative and I hope it will come out.

The United States is providing significant assistance to Georgia, which is assisting Georgia in implementing economic reforms. My wish is for Georgia to attract more investment in various fields. I work on some projects, I know others who work in this field.

Foreign investors will enter Georgia if they feel that the country has the rule of law and the economic system is highly trusted. “It is in Georgia and everyone’s interest for the country to earn more and increase employment,” Walker said.

Kurt Walker hopes that the political situation in Georgia will improve and that both the opposition and the government will compromise.

“Georgia is a small and beautiful country with great people. I think people should unite and build their country together. That is how they should present themselves to the rest of the world. So I wish Georgia reconciliation and unification. Both the government and the opposition must compromise, there must be a country.” “The sense of giving and receiving. Both sides should be able to compromise, because it is in the best interests of the country,” said Kurt Walker, the former US ambassador to NATO.

Speaking to VOA, Walker congratulated Georgians on the New Year 2021 and wished them health and peace.

“I’m glad to have the opportunity to congratulate the Georgian people. Happy New Year to everyone in Georgia. The first thing I want to wish everyone is health. 2020 was a very difficult year for Georgia. “People died and got sick. That’s why I want to wish everyone good health in the first place,” Walker said.