Former councilor Cristiano Girão is arrested on suspicion of double murder – Prime Time Zone


Investigations show that Ronnie Lessa, suspected of murdering councilwoman Marielle Franco, as the perpetrator of the crime

State ContentCristiano Girão was hiding in a store in São Paulo so as not to be found by the Rio de Janeiro Civil Police

The former councilor of Rio de Janeiro Cristiano Girão Martins he was arrested on pre-trial detention this Friday, 30, in São Paulo, on suspicion of involvement in a double aggravated homicide. The agents of the Rio de Janeiro Capital Homicide Police (DHC) also served an arrest warrant for the reserve military police Ronnie Lessa, identified by the investigations as the perpetrator of the double homicide. Ronnie Lessa, however, has been in jail since March 2019 for his involvement in the councilor’s murder. Marielle Franco. According to the investigations, the crime was motivated by a territorial dispute between militia groups led by Cristiano Girão against a criminal faction led by one of the victims, who was trying to dominate the region of Gardenia Azul, in the West Zone of Rio.

Investigations show that Lessa was contracted, upon payment, by the former parliamentarian for the execution of the crime. According to the Civil Police of Rio, Girão was surprised when he was driving his car, after leaving, at dawn this Friday, a store in the Pari neighborhood, in the central area of ​​the city of São Paulo, where he slept to avoid his location. Investigations show that the former parliamentarian started to adopt such a routine after the announcement that there was an arrest warrant against him. The action was carried out with the support of the Civil Police of São Paulo, in order to comply with a preventive arrest warrant issued by the Court.