Four Iranians have been arrested for plotting to kidnap a VOA employee


The United States has charged four Iranian nationals with conspiracy. According to the accusation, they were planning to kidnap a journalist working in the United States, who often criticized the Iranian government, especially in terms of human rights.

The statement was released on July 13 by the United States Department of Justice. According to the indictment, the suspects are working on Iranian intelligence, and one is an intelligence officer.

The statement of the Department of Justice does not name the journalist. All that is known is that the journalist is a citizen of the United States, lives in Brooklyn, and is a civil rights activist.

However, Masih Alinejad, a writer and activist living in Brooklyn, confirmed that he was one of the targets of the suspects. Alinejad collaborates with VOA. He said information about the kidnapping plans had been provided to him by US government officials.

“I am grateful to the Federal Bureau of Intelligence for exposing the conspiracy of the Minister of Intelligence of the Islamic Republic of Iran over my abduction. Orchestrating this plan [ირანის პრეზიდენტის ჰასან] “It happened under the Rohani regime,” Alinejad wrote on Twitter.

The journalist posted a video recorded at home in which he says that the American police have been patrolling his house for two weeks and protecting him. In a separate statement, Alinejad thanked VOA. “I am glad to be alive and I appreciate your support,” the journalist said.