“Freedom Day” from quarantine was celebrated by the British Prime Minister in quarantine


The end of the restrictions imposed due to the coronavirus was solemnly celebrated in Britain. The government declared July 19 “Freedom Day.”

Starting Monday in the UK, it is no longer mandatory to maintain social distance, or wear masks, which were introduced to limit the spread of Covid-19. However, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday that attending major events without a vaccination certificate would soon be banned.

One of the nightclubs in London on the morning of July 19th

From the end of September, everyone will be required to get a vaccination certificate at Covid-19 to enter nightclubs or other public places. “A negative test will no longer be enough,” the prime minister told reporters in London.

Johnson himself spent the day in quarantine after the confirmation of the new British Minister of Health Sajid Javad Covid-19. The Prime Minister has already contracted the coronavirus and is being vaccinated with the Astrazeneca vaccine.