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Creator of the Oscar for Brazilian journalism, the company repositioned itself, expanded its range of products and managed to grow even during the pandemic

Reproduction/CommunicateComunique-se celebrates 20 years of life this Friday

O communicate turns 20 this Friday, 10. In its beginnings, it was a mere portal aimed at covering the backstage of the press, with chats that brought together professionals in the area and offers of vacancies in the area of Communication. Over time, it has developed and positioned itself as a media tech (a technology company that offers digital content and solutions for media companies). Among the services offered by the platform are 360 ​​degree communication, clipping, mailing, email marketing, investor relations, influence marketing, etc. In 2003, just two years after his birth, the birthday boy made a valuable contribution to the national press: the Comunique-se Award. Considered the Oscar of Brazilian journalism, the award has already honored renowned professionals, many of them from Young pan: Augusto Nunes, presenter of “Direto ao Ponto” and member of “Os Pingos nos Is”, Denise Campos de Toledo, commentator and presenter of “Jornal Prime Time Zone”, Carlos Aros, presenter of the “Digital Society”, and Mauro Betting, commentator on “Esporte em Discussão” and on the network’s football broadcasts.

It was the first sample of Comunique-se’s capacity for innovation. The company created an area of ​​courses in 2005 — which is still in operation, in online and on-demand format —, three years later it inaugurated the RIWeb division (investor relations, crossing the communication barrier), started to position itself as a group in 2012, it entered the digital signage market in 2013, started to influence marketing in 2017. Until reaching 2021, at the age of 20, repositioned as a technology company and in the process of expanding its team in the middle of the pandemic. As a media tech, Comunique-se has as its fundamental proposal to be part of the clients’ success. And there are successful cases in this regard. One of the first communication agencies to hire the company’s services, back in 2001, continues today as an active client: Vera Moreira Comunicação. The journalist who lends her name to VMC celebrates two decades of partnership. “The technology was being incorporated in newsrooms and communication agencies. Today, it is practically impossible to work without the bases of technological support and the mix of services, such as that produced by Comunique-se”, points out Vera. “Relationship is still everything in communication. Good journalism does not die, it reinvents itself”, he says.

20 fun facts from Communicate over 20 years

  1. No training in journalism. The creator and CEO of Comunique-se, the Rio entrepreneur Rodrigo Azevedo, is not a journalist by training. He comes from the IT area and began to be interested in communication while working in press offices.
  2. Emergence of the company. Comunique-se arose from Rodrigo Azevedo’s idea of ​​uniting the two worlds of communication: newsroom and press office. At the time, he worked at an agency and had an investment fund to make it happen.
  3. Super technology (of the time). Even today, one of the main solutions of the group that Comunique-se has become, the mailing The press was, in the beginning, commercialized in a way that was even innovative for the time: CD-ROM.
  4. Right decision. Amidst the launch preparations, there was one question: make the official debut on Monday or Tuesday. We chose Monday, September 10, 2001. The following day would end up entering the world history in a negative way, with the attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Center, in New York.
  5. Respectful executive editor. The first steps of Portal Comunique-se had a renowned journalist in charge. With experience in leadership roles in vehicles such as “Placar”, “Última Hora” and “O Globo”, Milton Coelho da Graça was the executive editor at the beginning of the site. Later, he acted as a columnist. He died in May this year.
  6. Loyal customer. One of the first customers of the mailing press was Vera Moreira Comunicação, still in 2001. Detail: the agency continues today as a partner of the solutions offered by the company.
  7. From updater to partner. Today the group’s managing partner, responsible for the marketing and commercial areas, Rose Silva joined Comunique-se even before the company was launched on the market, in September 2001. Her first role was to join the updater team of mailing imprensa.
  8. Cupid. The couple of journalists Eliane de Souza and Ziomar Santos were formed from chat conversations that Portal Comunique-se kept active in its first years of life.
  9. First masters of journalism. Speaking of the Comunique-se Award, Heródoto Barbeiro and Mino Carta are part of the event’s history. In 2007, they and the CDN agency were the first to earn the title of “Masters of Journalism”.
  10. The master of masters. And when mentioning the master of the Comunique-se Award, there is no way to forget the late Ricardo Boechat. With 18 trophies won over time, he is the biggest winner in the history of the awards.
  11. Oscar level event. Former CBN anchor, Lucia Hippolito was the first to use the term “Oscar of Brazilian Journalism” to refer to the Comunique-se Award.
  12. From the classroom to Rede Globo. Current presenter of the São Paulo version of the “Globo Esporte” program, Felipe Andreoli has already acted as a professor in the courses division of Comunique-se. He conducted video reporting training.
  13. From abroad to Brazil. Comunique-se has already had foreign collaborators. Between 2013 and 2014, the IT team, based in Rio de Janeiro, relied on the work of two Africans: Moroccan Sihame Kchiouch and Tunisian Marnissi Ayoub.
  14. An animal “collaborator”. A few years ago, a chicken appeared in the São Paulo office, which was even “adopted” by the Comunique-se family. With the name Gertrude, the pet remained as a “collaborator” for just over a week — until it was taken to the family farm of one of the company’s employees.
  15. Talents rescued. While Gertrude left and never returned, there are employees who left the company, but with their doors open. Thus, they returned to acting as “comunicats”. Augusto Arvelos (TI), Dádiva Azevedo (marketing), Murillo Ana (commercial), Gabriel Tripodi (marketing) and Paolo Ricardo (influence marketing) are some of these examples.
  16. From operation to management. In addition to rescuing former employees, Comunique-se has a history of valuing internal talent. Currently, the entire management body started in operational positions. All were trained at home. In addition to the aforementioned Rose Silva, Carlos Alexandre (partner-director and financial manager), Hamilton Calixto (infrastructure), Henrique de Souza (commercial), Patrícia Rocha (client success), Lucas Barra (RIWeb) and Nathália Cremoneze (DINO) are part of this team.
  17. Diversity. Comunique-se has always bet on diversity, with space for talents from the most diverse regions, orientations and religions. Of the three managing partners, two are black. The managing partner Rose Silva, for example, is from the northeast of Pernambuco and black. The managing partner Carlos Alexandre is black and comes from the suburbs of Rio de Janeiro.
  18. A good place to work. And who says this is the organization of Great Place to Work (GPTW). Since 2011, Comunique-se appears in the award lists, which are held annually and based on the responses of the employees themselves. In 2019, for example, it joined the list of the best mid-sized companies in Latin America.
  19. Award-winning company. GPTW is not the only recognition that Comunique-se has achieved over its two decades of history. The company has already won the Entrepreneur of the New Year Brazil (2007), Entrepreneur of the Year Ernst Young (2008), Competitiveness MPE Brazil (2010) and Supplier Anatec awards (2018) awards.
  20. Yes, group. With 20 years of life, what was born as a website about journalism became Grupo Comunique-se. Currently, in addition to maintaining the Comunique-se Portal, the company holds the Comunique-se and awards and holds the brands Comunique-se 360, SuaTV, RIWeb, and the corporate news agency DINO.