From Moro to Xuxa: Celebrities record videos to support FGV classes after freshmen misunderstanding – Prime Time Zone


In an integration contest, students got the ‘celebrity test’ wrong and asked sports, entertainment and politics personalities to form a ‘crowd’

Playback / TwitterSeveral personalities participated in the video

A video in which several celebrities appear supporting a freshman class at Getúlio Vargas Foundation (FGV) caught the attention of the internet this Thursday, the 25th. Names like Sergio Moro, Xuxa, Rodrigo Maia, Marcos Mion, Alexandre Frota and even the American actor Ed O’Neill, from the Modern Family series, appear on recordings wishing luck to the AE4 group, from FGV Law, in a contest promoted by the institution. According to a veteran student who explained the story on Instagram, the game takes place every year and aims to integrate the class bringing famous personalities within the GV’s Cheerleading Council to support these new students, that is, first founders, first directors and etc. .

However, the freshmen misunderstood the ‘Proof of Celebrity’ and invited personalities from outside the institution to participate, including sports, advocacy, entertainment and digital media (youtubers). “For the freshman class at FGV, class AE4. Take a good course. I am supporting you in the gymkhana. Don’t forget to always do the right thing. A hug for everyone, ”said former judge Moro in his video. “Hi everybody, my name is Ed O’Neill, from the show“ Modern Family ”. I’m here to support the theam AE2 from GV [Oi todo mundo, meu nome é Ed O’neill, do programa “Modern Family”. Estou aqui para apoiar o time AE2 da GV]”Commented actor O’Neill. The recording went viral and made many wonder how the students got these testimonies.

Check out the list of all the celebrities who participated in the video below:


  • Sergio Moro;
  • João Amoedo;
  • Rodrigo Maia
  • Arthur do Val [Mamãe Falei]
  • Tabata amaral
  • Alexandre Frota
  • Pastor Marco Feliciano


  • Rubens Barrichello
  • Cafu
  • Hawk
  • Luisão

Artists (edit)

  • Leo Picon
  • Jade Picon (AE4)
  • Caio Cabral (AE4)
  • Fábio Porchat
  • Ed O’Neill (actor of Modern Family)
  • Milton Neves (AE3)
  • Xuxa
  • Felipe Titto
  • Gabi Martins
  • Felipe Roque
  • Flavia Alessandra and Otaviano (AE4)
  • Marcos Mion
  • Caesar
  • Thiago Martins (AE5)
  • Felipe Prior (AE5)
  • Reinaldo Gottino
  • Julio Cocielo
  • Angélica (Open 12)
  • Marco Luque
  • Hadybala