Gakharia “Expectation Rating”


RFE / RL’s Gakharia team was told that the party for Georgia claims to be structurally fully represented throughout Georgia; As an alternative political force to gain more and more supporters and win, including in the 2021 local elections.

  • What are the chances of Gakharia’s team considering the current situation in the political field?
  • Is “Georgian Dream” “nervous”?
  • In what case will the party for “Georgia” be able to prove that it is not “Georgian Dream 2”?

The founding congress of Giorgi Gakharia’s party will be held on May 29 at the ExpoGeorgia Exhibition Center and the public will learn more about the party’s plans and the composition of the team, MP Beka Liluashvili told RFE / RL. left And He announced himself as a member of Gakharia team.

As a result, Gakharia, a party that has not yet been formed, has six members in parliament and hopes that others will join them in the legislature.

Dimitri Cheishvili, a former member of the Georgian Dream in the Batumi City Council, announced his transfer to Gakharia on May 25 and posted the relevant written statement on Facebook. Shortly afterwards, the ruling party’s Adjara branch announced that Cheishvili had already been expelled from the party for frequent violations of internal party discipline.

According to Beka Liluashvili, the offices of the new party will soon cover the entire territory of Georgia and after the congress, the door will be opened for all the citizens who want to join the party and share the victory.

Who entered the door already opened for party members?

This information is strictly kept secret in Gakharia’s team, although several people have revealed it themselves.

According to Radio Liberty, many in the Georgian Dream are dissatisfied with the fact that Giorgi Gakharia joined the team Levan Dolidze, Brother of Viktor Dolidze, a former politician sent as an ambassador to NATO by the Georgian Dream government.

The ruling party says that this is a humanly awkward fact, but there will be an explanation – “As far as we know, brothers do not always have good relations” Or “No one can demand an answer because of his brother.”

Opponents have questioned whether this fact indicates the future symbiotic relationship between the Georgian Dream and Gakharia’s party, which is much talked about.

Giorgi Abashishvili, the former head of the administration of the second president of Georgia, Giorgi Margvelashvili, also refused to name the probable members of the party. He only confirms his choice, and although he is unable to attend the party’s founding congress on May 29 due to ill health, he is fully confident of future victories.

“I have a long-term relationship with Giorgi, since 2014, when I worked in the public service … We have argued a lot, but together we have made many decisions that have been good for the country … Our team is ambitious and focused on winning” – Abashishvili tells us.

What is the hope of victory based on? Has a public opinion poll been conducted and what is Giorgi Gakharia’s rating?

MP Beka Liluashvili refrains from naming specific numbers, but answers that “The rating is still high” And “It is close to the rating recently published by an international organization.”

  • According to a recent IRI poll, Giorgi Gakharia had the highest rating among politicians – 65%;
  • Among politicians, Gakharia also had the lowest negative rate – 30%;
  • The IRI survey was conducted from 2 to 26 February; Former Prime Minister Giorgi Gakharia resigned on February 18; In the last 8 days of the public opinion poll, Gakharia had already resigned.

Like the opposition, representatives of the Georgian Dream made a number of comments that such a high rating of Giorgi Gakharia was due to the charm of his work as Prime Minister. The issue is considered in the same context when it comes to controversy.

As MP Kakha Kakhishvili told RFE / RL, he still does not understand what he is happy to do when what he now hates was done during his tenure in various high and high positions.

“Before he became prime minister, there was virtually no position he did not hold. He was the Business Ombudsman, the Minister of Economy, the Minister of Internal Affairs, the Secretary of the Security Council … Gakharia was a political figure who was always involved in the decision-making process of the country … Gakharia’s word had more power even during his tenure as Prime Minister Mamuka Bakhtadze …

It is incomprehensible to me that the decision to leave and confront the old team was made so suddenly. How does he criticize the government, which he himself was in control of ?! It’s almost like I started talking about the penitentiary system now when I was a minister. “ – says Kakha Kakhishvili.

Georgian Dream MP also says that Gakharia is a “charismatic figure” and was able to mobilize some supporters, but he does not know how successful the former prime minister will be in the political field. “PR of the whole state car and plus – party car” Without.

Whose rival is Gakharia’s party?

  • “Georgian Dream” accuses Giorgi Gakharia of cheating his team and “stabbing him in the back”. The party made statements that Giorgi Gakharia’s resignation due to the resignation of UNM leader Nika Melia significantly reduced the image of the Georgian Dream HurtA. However, the party says that Gakharia’s team will not lose anything in their elections.
  • In response to such statements, Gakharia’s team states that the Georgian Dream is afraid of future failure and expresses its nervousness by trying to get involved in the controversy.

Representatives of the Georgian Dream have been actively commenting on unverified reports in recent days that Gakharia’s team may be funded by former Defense Minister Irakli Kezerashvili. They say they know nothing exactly, but their comments reinforce this version.

“The Nazis accuse us of (Vano) Chkhartishvili sponsoring us, the Georgian Dream accuses us of (Irakli) Kezerashvili sponsoring us. Do not really, this is all ridiculous, a lie, the only pity is that some media outlets spread these fake news” – The representative of Gakharia team, MP Ana Buchukuri told journalists.

Most of the experts are convinced that Giorgi Gakharia’s team will take the votes in the next elections first of all from the Georgian Dream and then will try to support the already undecided voters. Experts are also convinced that Gakharia’s party will not be able to win the hearts of opposition parties and, for example, the National Movement.

Most of the opposition see Gakharia as a lifeline for the weakened Georgian Dream, often referred to as Georgian Dream 2. Some experts think that such a perception may prevent the party from supporting the offended Georgian Dream.

Will he be happy to actually separate the image of his party from the Georgian Dream?

Expert Gia Khukhashvili tells us that this will be a “very difficult task” and for him personally it will be convincing only if Giorgi Gakharia is able to confront Bidzina Ivanishvili.

“There is a feeling in the society that despite the announcement to leave politics, Bidzina Ivanishvili still retains control over power. Consequently, if Gakharia confronts only Kobakhidze and Gharibashvili and does not touch Ivanishvili, it will be very difficult for his party to be perceived by the people as a real competitor of the “Georgian Dream” …

This is his only chance, and if he can, Gakharia will have to do a lot of things, for example – who made the decision to leave his post or why he could not remove his subordinates, if they opposed him ?! “ – Khukhashvili tells us.

He thinks that Giorgi Gakharia has chosen a good time to appear and form a party, because before that there was a lot of noise in the political field, and more delays would obviously hurt him.

Khukhashvili says that the ex-premier is now in support “Quite a high expectation rating” has; But this rating, after a visit, may increase in one second as much as – decrease or disappear.