Galicia requires digital certificate or negative test in hotels and restaurants


Kristian Ruhe Thorsen / Flickr

Galicia is the first region in Spain to require a vaccination certificate or negative test to covid-19 for access to hotels and restaurants in municipalities with a high spread of the virus, it was announced this Wednesday.

This measure, which is already in operation in other countries, such as Portugal and Greece, may be launched for the first time in Spain in Galicia, as the President of the Board of Galicia, Alberto Nuñez Feijóo, believes that there is a “legal basis” for its application.

The documents to be required for access to hotels, restaurants or bars can be a negative diagnostic test for covid-19 made in the last 72 hours or a certificate of vaccination or recovery from the disease for anyone over 12 years old, the agency reports. EFE.

However, the Spanish Health Minister, Carolina Darias, asked about the use of the European Union’s digital certificate for that purpose, highlighted that this document aims to facilitate mobility between countries for those who are vaccinated, recovered from the disease or had a negative test.

Carolina Darias stressed that a legal basis is needed that allows Galicia’s proposal to enter into force and guaranteed that it will be analyzed “in due time, whether adequate or not”.

In the Canary Islands, the local government, which reviews every Thursday the alert level of the different islands, is considering implementing the measure on Thursday, due to the increase in infections. For decision-making, the Government led by Ángel Víctor Torres will present a report from the scientific commission and the legal services, sources from the executive told the EFE agency.

Other countries are already demanding a vaccination certificate for access to establishments, such as France, which will require this document for access to cultural events, shopping centers, train trips or entry into bars and restaurants. The measure is expected to take effect in early August, as soon as it was voted on in the National Assembly.

In Portugal, the presentation of the negative test or vaccination certificate for access to the interior of restaurants in municipalities with a higher incidence of covid-19 at the weekend is already in force.

In Greece, since last week, the interior of bars, restaurants, discos, cinemas or theaters has been open, with a capacity of 85%, only for vaccinated people, with serious fines for establishments serving unvaccinated people.