Georgian authorities demand release of Tskhinvali prison inmates, Ossetian side demands capture of checkpoint


Zaza Gakheladze’s family members were waiting for the end of the meeting of the working group of the Incident Prevention and Response Mechanism in Ergneti. The meeting did not name a specific date for the release of Georgian citizens imprisoned in Tskhinvali, although Zaza Gakheladze’s wife, Irma Butkhuzi, believes that resuming face-to-face meetings will be more productive than telephone talks.

“We do not lose hope that this case will end soon. Our family is always looking forward to new information. Irakli Antadze also came, but did not say anything different to us. Face-to-face meetings give us more hope. We are told to work and see what happens. ”

Irma Butkhuzi

Irakli Antadze, Deputy Head of the Analytical Department of the State Security Service, arrived directly from Ergneti to Kvemo Chala and talked to Gakheladze’s family members about the details of the meeting.

We judged In particular On forms And, What Of course Should, Done suggest, that Thus In cases necessary used let it be Humanitarian Approach And Issue To be resolved Humanitarian Run. this On stage In particular On dates Conversation It will be difficult for us, But We hope so, that The nearest in future Illegal In custody Being All Ours Citizen Will return his Families“, – Irakli Antadze noted and added, “this issue was not really discussed in exchange for something.”

According to Antadze, according to the position of the de facto government, consultations on this issue must be continued. that no To emerge Wrong Expectations, concrete Of the date Name this On stage no We believe correctly. On the results Conversation It is preferable Then, When All Ours Fellow Will return Own Family And When In general Will be eliminated Illegal Arrests Ugly Practice“, – said Antadze.

A representative of the de facto government insisted on removing the police checkpoint from the village of Chorchani at the same meeting. Returning to Tskhinvali, Egor Kochiev told reporters that the Georgian side should take the first step to resolve the crisis. According to Kochiev, Georgian law enforcers are violating the state border of South Ossetia on the Chorchana-Tsnelisi section, thus contributing to the escalation of tensions on the ground.

,,If of Georgia Private Citizens Unknowingly They break State The border, of Georgia The police Well knows, Where going State Boundary. South Of Ossetia Of the Republic In the area Their Login As a provocation It is considered, because Violators Armed Police officers they are “, – Kochiev said.

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According to him, the South Ossetian side expressed serious concern over this and warned his colleagues that if the violations continue, the representatives of the South Ossetian Border Department will respond accordingly within the legislation of the Republic of South Ossetia.

Which Touch Ordinary Citizens, State Border Violators, Them Towards Used Humanitarian Approach. They are Fines Without they are Expelled in Georgia, But If They are Of crime In committing they are Noticed, this Already South Of Ossetia Law Enforcement Bodies It is prerogative, Will be aroused Blood Of law Case And in future Court Will determine Of crime And Sentence Size “, – Said Kochiev.

Topical issues related to illegal occupation were also discussed at the meeting.

According to Irakli Antadze, the discussion took place on the issue of Chorchani checkpoint. According to the position of the central government, this checkpoint is standard and its main purpose is to protect security.

The issue of illegal exercises was also raised in Ergneti. “Explosions were heard during the meeting. This puts the population of the surrounding villages under constant stress, ”said Antadze. In his assessment, the position of the de facto government on this issue was not rational.

According to Irakli Antadze, the main priority of the central government is the issue of free movement.

In addition, Antadze inquired about the condition of Tamar Mearakishvili, a civil activist living in the occupied territories. “He had household problems, which have been eliminated at this stage,” he said.

Zviad Zviadadze, a spokesman for the Office of the State Minister for Reconciliation and Civic Equality, said that at the meeting, the central government raised the issue of providing medical services to the local population.

Of them In response We got it He, that One Of the month Forward E. . Security Council Received Decision, that Crossing Procedures Lightened, Which According to, Tskhinvali Instead In Akhalgori Would accept Decision Of citizens Movement On the issue. yet In practice We this Could not We see. Regardless In addition, Hope We reserve, that Therefore Today Of the meeting From pathos, Maybe, In Akhalgori I live People Much more Easily Give Crossing Means, However this Solve Could not Let’s say“, – said Zviad Zviadadze.

Irakli Antadze arrived directly in Kvemo Chala from Ergneti and talked to Gakheladze's family members about the details of the meeting.

Irakli Antadze arrived directly in Kvemo Chala from Ergneti and talked to Gakheladze’s family members about the details of the meeting.

The de facto government still refuses to allow people to receive medical services on the spot from the central government.

stays OnlyRed Of the cross Society“, which, What Of course Should, fully Could not includeswith Is Specific Mechanism And State less has Touch. As much as possible In progress working He People To download, To whom He needs medical Service Delivery, but Them, To whom on the place He needs Help, There To deliver Service“, – Zviadadze said. According to him, the de facto authorities said that they received a lot of help from the Russian Federation. However, it is said that the number of co-infected has decreased.

Zviadadze especially singles out the situation of the residents of Akhalgori. “These people are in a discriminated situation. no has Meaning Is Georgian If Ossetian, Himself Akhalgori District Is Abandoned And Residents Could not They receive Elementary medical Services“, He said.

Zaza Gakheladze, Genadi Bestaev, Ramaz Begeluri and Lasha Khetereli are currently in illegal detention in occupied Tskhinvali.

The next meeting in Ergneti will be held on April 23.