Germany removes Portugal from the “red list” of travel – ZAP


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German authorities have once again given the ‘green light’ to trips with Portugal, according to news agency AFP. Berlin had placed Portugal off the list of safe countries last June 29th.

Germany had classified Portugal as a zone with “Variants of worry” regarding the pandemic, namely referring to the delta variant.

The ad comes on the day that several Portuguese citizens were barred to enter Germany, even just for a flight stopover. The news put forward by the Observer stated that the Portuguese travelers were prevented from entering the plane that was about to take off for Frankfurt.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs stressed that the ban applies to all passengers who come from Portugal, even those who only stop in Germany. Portuguese citizens had to comply with a 14-day quarantine in the country.

In a note released by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, published about travel to Germany, it is explained that this decision taken by Berlin “results in a ban on transport and an obligation to comply with a quarantine of 14 days that cannot be shortened on arrival at Federal Republic of Germany from Portugal, even if it has been proven to be vaccinated, immunized or tested”.

Now that Portugal has left the “red list” of Germans, quarantine is no longer required upon arrival in the country.

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