Government and City Hall of São Paulo want to manage the Cinemateca Brasileira – Prime Time Zone


Governor João Doria stated that he will formalize the proposal to the Ministry of Tourism next Monday, 2

JORGE BEVILACQUA /CODE19/ESTADÃO CONTENT – 07/31/2021João Doria wants to be jointly administered by the State and City Hall of the capital

The governor of São Paulo, João Doria, wants the Brazilian Cinematheque managed jointly by the State and City Hall of the capital. At a press conference, the toucan stated that he will formalize the proposal to the Ministry of Tourism next Monday, 2. Four days ago, a fire destroyed a warehouse at the Cinemateca, in the West Zone of São Paulo. The mayor of the city, Ricardo Nunes, he said, having requested new inspections at the burned out shed and at the Cinemateca headquarters, in the South Zone of the city. “In view of everything that happened, I called secretary Elza Paulino yesterday and asked our Civil Defense to carry out an inspection not only there because of the accident, but also in Vila Mariana, where they have the largest collection. We are also going to work to prevent the status of that space, including with regard to the safety of that entire collection. I should receive the report in the next few days and we are also attentive to the prevention of possible problems”, said the mayor.

According to Nunes, leaving the Cinemateca under management in São Paulo was the dream of Bruno Covas, mayor of the capital who died in May. João Doria says that the property will be better managed if it leaves the hands of the federal government. “We had already made this demonstration and now we are going to formalize it to the federal government on Monday. The Cinemateca, by the way, should have been transferred a long time ago to the management of either the municipality or the State. Now, given the circumstances, it is even more justified to be transferred to management. It is here, it is a public-cultural entity very present in the life of the city and the State of São Paulo, although it serves the entire country, but here, I can assure you, we take care of culture better than the federal government,” he argued Pain. The statements were made during the reopening of the Museum of Portuguese Language, which took place this Saturday in downtown São Paulo. The event was also attended by international authorities such as the president of Portugal, Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa, and former Brazilian presidents Michel Temer and Fernando Henrique Cardoso.

*With information from reporter Beatriz Manfredini