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Improvements include cutting FGTS interest rates and raising the ceiling on the value of affordable housing properties

Marcelo Camargo/Brazil AgencyAbout 400,000 housing units were offered by Casa Verde e Amarela in one year of the program

O federal government announced on Wednesday, 15, changes in the housing program Green and Yellow House. Improvements include increasing the ceiling on the value of properties that can be classified as popular housing, reducing the interest rate and partnering with states and municipalities to expand the program. The announcements were made during a ceremony at the Palácio do Planalto, in Brasília. The initiative, which completed a year in August, has already delivered more than 400,000 units across the country. According to the Minister of Regional Development, Rogério Marinho, the program will receive a 10% increase in the 2022 budget planning, going from the current R$ 56 billion to R$ 66 billion. For 2024, the estimate is that Casa Verde e Amarela will receive R$ 67 billion for the construction of popular houses. Check out the main changes announced by the government below.

Widetion of the ceiling on the value of real estate for inclusion in popular housing
The Program’s new property value ceiling Home Verde e Yellow varies by region e the size of the population. In municipalities with 50 thousand to 100 thousand inhabitants, the increase in the limit will be 15%. Between 20 thousand e 50 thousand inhabitants, 10%. In municipalities with a population of less than 20 thousand inhabitants, there was no change. Other cities — including capitals e respective metropolitan regions — to haveNo 10% increase.

FGTS interest rate cut
According to the initial format of Casa Verde and Amarela, the families in Group 1 (monthly income of up to R$2,000) could be served in two different ways: with lower interest rates (formerly 1.5) or with interest rates slightly larger (former tier 2), depending on the property financed by these families. With the changes announced, it will be possible to unify the interest rate e, based on adjustments in the methodology for calculating the complementary discount, increase the FGTS subsidy for families that fit into this income group. The rates will rise to 4.25% for the North and Northeast regions, and 4.5% for the other regions of the country. THEs families with monthly income of up to R$ 2 thousand, whose housing needs correspond to almost 80% of the Brazilian housing deficit, will have their financed values ​​reduced, through the expansion of discounts granted to non-refundable funds by the FGTS.

Okaytemporary interest rates for families with monthly income of R$4,000 to R$7,000
Interest rates for this income profile were reduced by the end of next year by 0.5 percentage point, from 8.16% to 7.66% per year. For workers holding an account linked to the FGTS for three years or more, the reductionthe beingit is even higher, with annual interest rates equivalent to 7.16%.

More resources for housing financing through the FGTS from 2022
The announced measures should increase the number of hirings with an expansionthe grade of the orfor 2022 (10%), 2023 (12%) e 2024 (15%) for funding programs that integrate the wingHabitat areao Popular. According to the government, the change will security for construction companies to plan the launch of new projects e for Brazilian families, who accompany the structuring of the program in medium e long term.

Partnerships with municipalities and states for the construction of projects
One of the biggest difficulties faced by low-income Brazilian families is having the entry price of a property. Changes include the financing modality called Partnerships, in which States e municipalities must guarantee a minimum counterpart of 20% of the residential value – which may include the land. This will reduce the amount to be financed, making it possiblevel alcançar famlower-income families with FGTS subsidies.

Offer forpublic – Approval of a new deadline for resumption e delivery of about 27 thousand homes in municipalities with less than 50 thousand inhabitants
It rescues the old Public Offering program, which ended in 2018, but which had about 45 thousand units not delivered. O Home Verde e Yellow negotiated with the companies new deadlines for the resumption of works e delivery of units tos familias. Thus, there are 27 thousand homes classified as suitable for completion, of which 3,000 have already isnot being analyzed for immediate delivery to beneficiaries. All of them are located in municipalities with less than 50,000 inhabitants.