Government expands debate on hiring autonomous truck drivers – Prime Time Zone


The objective is to meet the claims of the category, which advocates the reduction or elimination of intermediaries

Marcelo Camargo/Brazil AgencyWorkers point out as fundamental the unification of documents to reduce bureaucracy

O federal government expanded the debate on direct contracting of autonomous truckers as a way to meet the demands of the category. The sector advocates reducing or eliminating intermediaries who keep up to 40% of the freight. Workers point out as fundamental the unification of documents to reduce bureaucracy. The national secretary of land transport of the Ministry of Infrastructure, Marcelo Vieira, highlights that the agenda is advanced. “We know the importance of direct contracting to remove the shackles on the category, to allow the category, when being contracted directly from the shippers, to have access to a better service, a better freight price without burdening the cost of transport. We know that a good part of the amount paid in Brazil is not in the hands of those who produce the transport”, said Marcelo Vieira. He believes that direct hiring will ensure the survival of truck drivers.

The advisor to the National Confederation of Autonomous Transporters (CNTA), Alzir da Mota, says that it is urgent to reduce bureaucracy. “As regulated, the TAC [ transportador autônomo de cargas] can contract directly. The problem is that it is unfeasible both operationally and economically. It’s not that there is a law prohibiting contracting, it’s just that it’s not feasible for a TAC to be contracted on a large scale by shippers,” he said. The executive director of the National Association of Industry Users, Luis Baldez, points out that intermediaries make business difficult. “We have a company that does it, that’s another important thing, five thousand shipments a day. It’s impossible to ask us to do this. So we need to mitigate this intermediation”, he pointed out. Experts reiterate that direct hiring also reduces tax evasion. Another measure approved by the National Congress is that authorizes the receipt of shipping through Pix.

*With information from the reporter Elisângela Almeida