Government has a surplus of R $ 16.5 billion in April with record collection – Prime Time Zone


National Treasury data show a positive balance of R $ 41 billion in the first four months of 2021

Pixabay/Creative CommonsNational Treasury pointed out extraordinary collection as one of the main factors for the good performance in April

The central government accounts – which include the National Treasury, the Central Bank (BC) and the Federal Revenue – registered a surplus of R $ 16.5 billion in April, compared to a deficit of R $ 93 billion in the same month in 2020, according to data released this Thursday, 27, by the National Treasury Secretariat (STN). The result was above the deficit of R $ 20 billion expected by the market, according to the Fiscal Prism report of the Ministry of Economy. The surplus occurs when revenues exceed the amount of expenses, that is, the difference between what came in and out of the cash register. The National Treasury and the Central Bank recorded a surplus of R $ 35.2 billion, while the IRS was in the red at R $ 18.7 billion. In a note, the Ministry of Economy stated that the result is a reflection of the “extraordinary collection” last month. In April, the IRS recorded a 45.2% increase in tax collection, the best performance for the month since the beginning of the historical series, 26 years ago. In the accumulated result for the year, the central government accounts closed with a positive balance of R $ 41 billion, against a deficit of R $ 95.6 billion between January and April 2020. The result is composed of a surplus of R $ 116.8 billion in the Treasury and Central Bank, and the deficit of R $ 75.8 billion in Social Security. Tax collection in the period increased by 13.6%, also the best result in the history of the Treasury.

The National Treasury also cited the “perception of a more robust economic environment than initially projected” and the adoption of measures to combat the pandemic that did not compromise the control of public accounts, in addition to strengthening the fiscal framework after the approval of the Emergency PEC , as positive influences on financial conditions. “The resumption of the confidence of economic agents and the improvement of financial conditions allow the resumption of the Brazilian economy after the strong negative shock caused by the pandemic of Covid-19″, affirmed the technicians of the economic team. “The maintenance of this recovery requires the continuation of the protocol adopted by the fiscal policy in 2020 and in 2021, with emergency measures being treated as exceptions through escape clauses from the tax rules and permanent expenses respecting the tax rules compatible with the period of normality.”