Government leader defends printed vote and is criticized: ‘Are you going to take the vaccine? Stop being irresponsible’ – Prime Time Zone


Commission that analyzes PEC authored by Deputy Bia Kicis (PSL-DF) should vote report in session this Friday, 16

Michel Jesus/ Chamber of DeputiesGovernment leader defended the removal of the proposal’s agenda and was interrupted by lawmakers in the remote system

This Friday, 16, in the session of the commission that analyzes the PEC of the printed vote, authored by the federal deputy Kicis Beer (PSL-DF), the government leader in Chamber of Deputies, Ricardo Barros (PP-PR), defended the removal of the proposal’s agenda, when he was interrupted by a congressman. “This is an important, relevant story. Today we are at the end of the work and it is very important that we can vote with more time on this matter. The government wants to maintain and approve the printed and auditable vote”, said Barros. “Where are you going to get two billion, Ricardo? Stop being irresponsible. Are you going to take the vaccine?”, asked a member of the collegiate. “Tira do Fundão”, added another member. As the meeting takes place via videoconference, it is not possible to identify the speakers. The Bolsonaro government said “yes” by withdrawing from the agenda, but the request, by Deputy Caroline de Toni (PSL-PR), was rejected recently by 22 votes to 12. Therefore, the deputy’s report Filipe Barros (PSL-PR) was kept on the agenda. As Young Pan showed earlier, the meeting was convened after an articulation led by deputy Hildo Rocha (MDB-MA), who claims that there is not enough time to implement the change in the electoral system before the 2022 elections.