Government of SP says that there is no shortage of beds for patients at Covid-19 – Prime Time Zone


Gestão Doria announced 166 new beds in the interior, 70 in Araraquara and 96 in Jaú, two cities where the new coronavirus variant circulates

Marcello Casal jr / Agência BrasilCities in the interior of São Paulo have registered high contagion and fuller hospitals

The government of São Paulo said this Saturday, 20, that he is investing in the expansion of ICUs and that there is no shortage of beds for Covid-19 patients in the state. Cities in the interior of São Paulo have registered a high rate of contagion and hospitals are fuller. In Araraquara, the city will further tighten the lockdown this Sunday, 21, in an attempt to stop the coronavirus. “No deaths were registered by the new coronavirus for lack of beds. The government of SP has invested in the implantation of new beds in all regions of the State and reinforces the importance of protection measures ”, stated the management João Doria (PSDB), in a note.

The state government announced 166 new beds in the interior, 70 in Araraquara and 96 in Jaú, two cities where New variant of coronavirus. Experts believe that this Sars-CoV-2 mutation has greater potential for transmission and its effects on the degree of protection of vaccines is still unknown. In Araraquara, the new restriction will last for 60 hours. From noon on Sunday, 21, to midnight on Tuesday, 23, banks, industries, supermarkets, gas stations and all shops are closed.

“It is important to emphasize that all regions have several municipal and state health services able to assist severely ill patients. In addition to maintaining hospitals and assisting the public network, the State Department of Health also maintains a special hospital bed management strategy, to give priority to the admission of patients with acute and severe respiratory conditions, with support from the Cross (Central of Regulation and Health Services Offering), an online system that works 24 hours a day and that checks vacancies available in SUS hospitals in SP, for transfers ”, informed the government note.

“It is important to note that SUS is universal and has a regionalized character, especially when it involves highly complex care, as is the case with beds in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), or specific situations that require specialized care. Citizens of any municipality can receive assistance in reference services from the public health network ”, added the São Paulo administration.

Doria has been charging federal resources

The government of São Paulo has been charging the Ministry of Health to finance more beds for the state. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Ministry of Health has drastically reduced funding for covid ICU beds. In August, when the State reached the highest number of active beds (5,085) and the proportion paid by the federal government was 2,367 (46.5%). At the time, São Paulo already registered a reduction in the number of cases and deaths by Covid-19. Now, in February, at a time when infections are on the rise again, the rate of vacant seats with federal funding is only 11.4%. In the period, the reduction in beds financed by the ministry is 76.2%. The Ministry of Health was charged in court on the allocation of resources to finance these hospital vacancies.

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