Government popularity will rise again with aid and vaccination, says Mourão – Prime Time Zone


Surveys released last week show an increase in the negative evaluations of the Bolsonaro administration

GABRIELA BILÓ / ESTADÃO CONTENTFor Hamilton Mourão, the worsening of the government’s popularity is just a “question of the moment”

The Vice-President of the Republic, General Hamilton Mourao, believes that the government’s popularity will rise again as soon as the vaccination against a Covid-19 engrenar and the new round of emergency aid start getting paid. Research released last week shows that the negative assessment of the management of Jair Bolsonaro comes increasing among the population. In addition, the possibility of the former president Lula running for election next year also made it possible, for the first time, to see a candidate with the possibility of beating the current president in the race for the Plateau. In Mourão’s assessment, however, everything is a matter of moment. “This is normal, we are living in a difficult time, the population is unable to work, with difficulties for the person to live, the psychological issue due to the opening and closing of activities. This reflects on the government’s popularity, but it can be reversed as we progress in vaccination, as we have emergency aid now. ”

Mourão also spoke this Thursday, 18, about the decision of the Regional Court of the 5th Region that authorized the Ministry of Defense to keep on its website a text that celebrates the military coup of 1963 as a “landmark of the democracy. ” Mourão agrees that there are disagreements on the issue, but he defends freedom of expression. “There are people who consider it a coup, there are people who consider it a democratic revolution. I am tired of approaching, it belongs to history, history judges ”, he said. The decision came after Congresswoman Natália Bastos Bonavides (PT) filed a public civil action to demand the removal of material from the ministry’s website. The parliamentarian also wanted the Justice to prevent the government from making any celebration for the date on March 31. For the TRF-5, however, none of these issues offend the postulates of the Democratic Rule of Law and the constitutional values ​​of the separation of powers or freedom.

* With information from the reporter Antonio Maldonado