Governors launch plan to raise R$1.5 billion for the Amazon – Prime Time Zone


The Green Recovery Plan was prepared by the government of the nine states in the region and should focus on projects from four different segments

Image Bank/Estadão ContentPlan provides for collection of more than R$ 1 billion for the Amazon

The Consortium Amazon launched a plan to capture frozen resources for environmental preservation. The Green Recovery Plan was prepared by the governments of nine states in the region and intends to raise R$ 1.5 billion to carry out projects divided into four segments: brake on logging illegal, sustainable productive development, investment in green technology and training and green infrastructure. According to the governor of Maranhão, Flavio Dino, current president of the consortium, this is a complementary and independent action from the Bolsonaro government. “It’s not to please ‘country A’ or ‘country B’, it’s for the interest of the Brazil, Brazilian products, Brazilian producers and the Brazilian population that we need to take care of in the first place”, said Dino.

The proposals are not new: the plans for inspecting forests or for raising fish are already known. The sources of funds already exist. The first is the Leaf Coalition, formed by the governments of the United States, United Kingdom and Norway, in addition to the participation of private companies. The group was created in April during the Climate Summit, organized by the Joe Biden government, to finance the fight against the greenhouse effect caused by the emission of gases. The second source of funds for the Amazon region governors’ Recovery Plan is the Amazon Fund, mainly maintained by the Norwegian government. The fund was frozen by the Federal Government after questions made by the then minister of the environment, Ricardo Salles. Salles accused the fund of supporting left-wing non-governmental organizations.

*With information from reporter Letícia Santini