Governors say calm after Covid-19 CPI summons


You governors called upon to explain to the CPI to Covid-19 they responded calmly to the summons and promised to answer all questions. In a note, the state representative of the Federal District, Ibaneis Rocha, said he will contribute “in whatever is necessary”. The State Secretariat of Communication of Tocantins informed that the Mauro carlesse it is okay. The governor of Rondônia, Marcos Rocha, recognized the importance of transparency in the management of public resources, promised to collaborate and also affirmed that no act of corruption in pandemic will be tolerated. In Roraima, I n ten, guaranteed that he will speak to senators without asking habeas corpus. He believes that the testimony will not generate wear and tear with the government. “I am calm, I will participate, I will contribute with what is possible. Any questions and clarifications I will pass on. Also showing documentation, whatever is necessary to clarify and clarify any type of doubt. I am here to contribute ”, he said.

In a note, the governor of Santa Catarina, Carlos Moses, stated that there was no justification for the summons and that, in the case of respirators, all the control bodies that investigated the case attested to the fairness of his conduct. The vice-governor, Daniela Reinehr, made herself available for any clarifications and information that the Parliamentary Committee of Inquiry (CPI) may request. In turn, the governor of Piauí, Wellington Dias, acknowledged the importance of the Commission and promised to contribute to the investigations. “I attended with the members of the commission and volunteered as governor, as coordinator of the Forum of Governors of Brazil on this pandemic issue to appear there at the CPI. And voluntarily contribute with information, with clarifications so that we can find the way ”, he said. Also called to testify, the former governor of Rio de Janeiro, Wilson Witzel, told Jornal O Globo’s website that he saw no reason not to attend. Wilson Lima, from Amazonas, Waldez Góes, from Amapá and Helder Barbalho, from Pará, did not comment on the topic. The dates of the testimonies have not yet been defined.

* With information from reporter Letícia Santini