Greece prepares for heat wave with temperatures of 45ºC – Prime Time Zone


The country asked residents to hydrate themselves, avoid activities during the hottest hours and take any action that could cause a fire

REUTERS / Costas BaltarEuropean country prepares for intense heat wave

One heat wave caused by a mass of hot air that crosses the territory of the Greece may be responsible for the highest temperatures recorded in 35 years in the European country. The expectation is that, for a sequence of days, the thermometers will exceed 45ºC in the country, which already receives tourists for summer vacations on the continent. According to local meteorologists, high temperatures will not be restricted to sunny periods: at night, thermometers should not be below 30°C. The director of the National Weather Service, Theodoros Kolydas, described the heat wave as “dangerous” and said it was expected to peak on Monday, 2nd and Tuesday 3rd, with a particularly slow deceleration that will last until the end. next week. Air-conditioned rooms were offered by a number of municipalities focusing on the most vulnerable population without access to air conditioning.

The Athens Medical Association urged citizens to hydrate themselves, avoid alcohol and bathe frequently, always avoiding trips or activities outside the home during the hottest hours, especially in the center of the capital Athens, where high air pollution worsens temperature conditions. The Minister for the Protection of Citizens, Mijalis Jrisojoidis, held a press conference asking citizens to avoid any activity that could cause fires and to consume water and electricity carefully to avoid power cuts, frequent in hot periods. The biggest heat wave recorded in Greece occurred in the summer of 1987, when after 11 days of high temperatures around 3,000 people died.