Guaidó denounces attempted arrest and intimidation by Venezuelan dictatorship – Prime Time Zone


Opposition leader in the Latin country spoke to press hours after his wife narrated the invasion of her own home by an elite group of local police

EFE / MIGUEL GUTIÉRREZGuaidó spoke with supporters on Monday, 12, after an alleged arrest attempt

The opposition leader in Venezuela, Juan Guaidó, spoke to the press on Monday, 12, at the door of his house, shortly after his wife, Fabiana Rosales, denounced that officers of the elite group of police (FAES) were at his residence to try to arrest him. Among a small group of supporters and journalists, Guaidó said he was not arrested because of the presence of people in front of his house and said that the police who entered his house without identifying themselves tried to “kidnap him”. “They entered our residence without any kind of order, without any kind of identification, pointing big guns, detonating an explosive inside the basement of our building. Intimidation never stopped us,” he reported. According to him, his driver was beaten and tied up at the time of the invasion.

“I don’t know where he is now, I’m looking for information,” added the opposition leader, who blamed Nicolás Maduro’s government for what happened. Guaidó also said he does not know where former opposition deputy Freddy Guevera, who was arrested minutes before the police showed up at his residence, is being held. “Who is harassing and kidnapping Freddy Guevara, who chased him into the basement and who detonated an explosive in the basement of our houses?” asked the politician, dodging accusations that he was linked to armed groups operating in Caracas. For the opponent, Maduro’s dictatorship is trying to sabotage an “agreement to save Venezuela”, which for him should not happen.