Guedes confirms that the emergency aid will be renewed ‘for two or three months’ – Prime Time Zone


Benefit is expected to end in July; minister did not say whether the value of the installments and the number of beneficiaries will be maintained in the new round

Edu Andrade/Estadão ContentMinister stated that the government will launch the new Bolsa Família at the end of emergency aid

The Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, confirmed this Tuesday, 8, that the emergency aid it will be renewed “for two or three months”. The benefit was reissued in April and is expected to end in July. With the new extension, the installments can be paid until October. “Governors are saying that in two or three months the adult population will be fully vaccinated, so we will renew the aid for two or three months,” he said. Participating in an event of the Parliamentary Front of the Services Sector, the head of the economic team said that the end of the installments will coincide with the launch of a new family allowance. Guedes did not inform if the extension will keep the same value of the installments and the number of beneficiaries. Currently, emergency aid has an average monthly fee of R$250, covering around 40 million families.

minister also did not detail the cost of the new round. THE Proposed Emergency Amendment to the Constitution (PEC) released R$ 44 billion for the payment of installments between April and July — about R$ 11 billion per month. The extension of the benefit to the most vulnerable was already discussed in Brasília since the worsening of the new coronavirus pandemic. According to people close to the matter, the source of funding for the new round is the main point of impasse. Government officials also defend that efforts should be focused on the new Bolsa Família, and not on a temporary solution such as an extension of the benefit. The speech of focusing work to present a lasting measure is shared by the president of the Chamber of Deputies, Arthur Lira (PP-AL). The congressman said on Monday, 7th, that he does not support the extension of emergency aid and defended the creation of a new social program before the end of the benefit paid by the government to the most vulnerable. According to the congressman, the new initiative should be broader than Bolsa Família and still respect the spending ceiling rule.

The minister also spoke again about the government’s initiative for the qualification and inclusion of young people in the labor market. The proposal foresees the launch of the Productive Inclusion Bonus (BIP), funded by the government, and the Qualification Incentive Bonus (BIQ), paid by the participating companies. Initially, the measure provided for the payment of R$ 300 for each part, an amount that was reduced to R$ 275 in this Tuesday’s speech. The forecast for the duration of the program was also changed from a year to up to a year and a half. “Let’s pick up precisely where the incidence of unemployment is highest, which is among young people who have never had a job,” he said. According to Guedes, companies in the service sector have already shown interest in participating in the project. “There are two or three large companies that are already ordering 20,000 young people, 30,000 young people, that they will want to put in this training service,” he said.