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In an audience to debate administrative reform, the Minister of Economy said that public officials should have less stability and undergo evaluations

Bruno Rocha / Estadão ContentsPaulo Guedes, Minister of Economy, defended administrative reform during a congressional hearing

Minister of Economics, Paulo Guedes defended this Tuesday, 11, that the salary of public servants who enter the public machine is equivalent to that paid in the private sector. The head of the economic team also stated that the administrative reform forwarded by the federal government in 2020 will not remove the acquired rights of current civil servants, and that future servants should have reduced stability and accuracy to undergo evaluations. “It is not because a young man took a contest that at 19, 20 years old, he has a salary just 20% below who will be in the career type 20 years later. And, at the same time, he acquired job stability before being evaluated by his hierarchical superiors and by the provision of services ”, he said. “It’s not just about taking an exam, and at the same time you earn a very high salary and stability for the rest of your life. This is not reasonable. You will enter compatible wages that you would have in the private sector, it will be evaluated. ”

Guedes participates in the public hearing to debate the Proposed Constitutional Amendment (PEC) 32, the project sent by the federal government to implement administrative reform, by the Constitution and Justice Commission (CCJ) of the Chamber of Deputies. The minister classified the proposal as “moderate” and that it was the result of negotiations and talks with parliamentarians. Despite being identified as one of the pillars of the reform agenda of the Ministry of Economy, the text has had little progress in Congress since it was sent in September last year. According to the minister, this pause “is not a surprise” because of the pandemic of the new coronavirus. “Mwe keep talking and removing obstacles ”, he said.

At various times, the head of the economic team stressed that the changes proposed by the government will only affect civil servants who enter the civil service, and that all rights acquired by the current ones, despite being classified as “privileges”, will be maintained. “What we want is that these privileges are not extended to future [servidores]. But we are not taking from anyone, everyone who won this will be kept, we just want to have new rules for whoever enters. ” The creation of typical State careers is one of the main changes in the tax reform initiated by the federal government. According to Guedes, the careers that will integrate this category, which guarantees the stability of the servers, should be listed in a future project.