2.67 trillion dollars, the volume of China’s outstanding foreign debts at the end of last June


As of the end of last June, China recorded 17.3119 trillion yuan of outstanding external debt denominated in both local and foreign currencies, equivalent to 2.6798 trillion US dollars, the Foreign Exchange Commission said.

The authority added that all the main external debt indicators were within the internationally recognized limits, and that the level of Chinese external debt risk was controllable.

Regarding the maturity structure, the outstanding medium and long-term external debt amounted to 7.5707 trillion yuan, accounting for 44%, while the outstanding short-term external debt was 9.7412 trillion yuan, accounting for 56 percent, of which 38 percent was related to trade credit.

In institutional sectors, the total outstanding debt of the government reached 2.7486 trillion yuan, accounting for 16 percent, and the total outstanding debt of banks was 8.1084 trillion yuan, accounting for 47 percent.

As for debt instruments, the balance of loans reached 3.0696 trillion yuan, accounting for 18 percent, while the balance of currency and outstanding deposits reached 3.9773 trillion yuan, accounting for 23 percent.

The article, 2.67 trillion dollars, the size of China’s outstanding foreign debt at the end of last June, was written in Al Borsa newspaper.