20 Italian companies will visit “Rubiki” next week


The footwear and leather products sector is preparing to host an Italian delegation comprising 20 companies producing shoes machinery and leather products to visit Robiki Leather City from October 17-20.

Basem Lotfi, a member of the Export Council for Leather, Shoes and Leather Products, said that the delegation will include all leather specialties from shoe companies, leather products and production requirements to study the implementation of industrial investments and conclude commercial deals, and bilateral meetings will be held between the two sides.

Lotfy explained to Al Borsa that the goal is to benefit from the Italian experience and attract it to invest in Egypt. One of the largest Italian companies is looking to establish a technology and training center for shoes (a model factory) within 125 factories expected to be delivered to shoe and leather product manufacturers in the city of Robiki.

He pointed out that this factory will include all the machines used in the manufacture of shoes and leather products, provide training for students of colleges and technical schools, and provide technical assistance to factories that wish to benefit.

A delegation from shoe manufacturers, leather products and the Leather Export Council, in cooperation with the Italian Trade Agency in Egypt, organized a visit to Italy for the shoe machinery exhibition from September 21 to 26. To get acquainted with the latest machines and technology used in manufacturing and to try to bring them to the Egyptian market.

Lutfi explained that the purpose of the visit is to learn about all the new methods and modern machines used in the manufacture of shoes, and the council seeks to focus on such steps during the coming period to contribute to the development of the local industry, and to provide local alternatives capable of meeting the market needs of imported goods.

He mentioned that the development of manufacturing is one of the most important pillars of export development, and the provision of a product capable of external competition, and it comes within the framework of the state’s plan to develop exports, and search for new markets to access the local product externally.

He explained that European factories are currently seeking to find alternative markets for the Far East countries to transfer their factories to, and this has given North African countries a greater opportunity at the present time.

He explained that Egypt’s geographical location and trade agreements linking Egypt with several blocs such as Arab countries, Europe, Mercosur and Africa will give foreign companies an opportunity to transfer their investments to Egypt.

The article 20 Italian companies to visit “Rubiki” next week was written in Al Borsa newspaper.