3 pounds of gold gains within a week … and 21 karat records 870 pounds


Gold prices rose slightly in the local markets during last week’s trading, with a slight decline in an ounce on the global stock exchange, as a result of the dollar’s ​​decline.

Amir Rizk, a member of the Gold Division at the Chamber of Commerce in Cairo, said that gold prices rose by 3 pounds during the local market during the week’s transactions, as the 21 karat gold gram opened trading at 777 pounds last Monday, and concluded at 780 pounds on Saturday evening.

The “Stock Exchange” publishes gold prices today 4-25-2021

An ounce is $ 1777

Caliber 24 recorded 892 pounds

Caliber 21 recorded 780 pounds

Caliber 18 recorded 669 pounds

The gold pound recorded 6240 pounds

The article gained 3 pounds in gold within a week … and 21 pounds recorded 870 pounds, it was written in the Al-Borsa newspaper.